Friday, May 20, 2011


This week has been an exciting week in entertainment.  There has been controversies with hip hop and the White House, Bey hit us with a new video, and Lil Kim has manage to start beef with someone else.  Without making this too long I am going to try to cover all these events.

"Thug, raunchy lyricist, promoter for cop killers" these are just few of the terms being used to describe Common. Common was invited by the President to the White House for a Poetry Slam.  There was some controversy surrounding it because Common wrote a poem years ago about a convicted cop killer who escaped from prison and now lives in Cuba.  It also did not help it was Police Appreciation Week at the White House.  Some say (especially those who works for Fox News, not a fan of them) that Common should have not been invited to the White House because of this one poem.  After attending his concert in North Little Rock, hearing him speak at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, and being a fan of his thought provoking, positive lyrics, I could not disagree with the critics more.  Common's only crime to me is that he has stayed true to himself as an artist.  He has chose not to degrade his music with dumb, childish lyrics to stay on the charts.  Whenever he makes public appearances, he is encouraging people to do better in their communities.  He is someone people need to hear, especially these so-called informed critics who think that Common makes "gangsta music."

Next on the agenda is Beyonce's new video "Run This World (Girls)".  I will admit that it took me a couple of listens to like this song.  But now I love it! I have my own routine (in my head) to this song and it has  officially been made my theme song for 2011.  Apparently, this song has not been doing too good on the charts.  But my sources tell me that this was not suppose to be the first single off her upcoming CD, "4" but that it was leaked. So Beyonce did not do a lot of promotion for it.  But since it was leaked I guess Beyonce said "The heck with it, let's go head and make a video for it."  Now I am not a hardcore Beyonce "Stan" (stalker/fan) but I heard that she put a lot teasers of the video out to get everyone ready for the actual video premiere.  This past Tuesday, Beyonce premiered her video on American Idol.  My mixed emotions are this: it is a good video but it is typical for Beyonce.  In the last couple of years I have become of a fan of her dancing so I did enjoy the dancing in the video.    I'm not surprised by the girl dancing army or the concept at all.  It was very Beyonce-ish.  In a nutshell, I hope that this album brings it because right now things are looking a little predictable.

Last on this entertainment agenda, is Lil Kim.  So we know about the ongoing beef that Lil Kim keeps fueling with Nikki Minaji.  Well, I guess she has gotten bored with her cause now she has decided to go out for Keisha Cole.  Earlier this week Lil Kim attacked Kiesha Cole saying that Kiesha is not "loyal".  Kiesha responded by saying that they were never "friends" because she takes that term very seriously and that they just came together to make a hot record.  It seems to me that Lil Kim is doing everything she can to make sure she is still relevant.  Here's some advice Lil Kim: if you spend as much energy on your album as you do on your beefs, you would be platinum right now. 

That's all that interested me this week in entertainment.  Excited to see what's next in the crazy idustry we call entertainment. 

Monday, May 2, 2011


There are somethings that I refuse to give my attention too.  I refuse to give my attention to the Kardashians because they are famous for absolutely no reason.  I refuse to give my attention to the Royal Wedding.  I don't mean to sound like a sour pus but I could not find enough interest for it.  But what really irritated me this past week, was this birth certificate hot mess going on in the news.

I am now convinced that money can make you stupid and arrogant.  And thank you Donald Trump for proving the truth in the previous sentence.  Is he so bored with all his money that he has to go around demanding birth certificates, driver's license, social security cards, green cards, and whatever other documents he can think of from public officials?  Am I the only one that thinks this is childish/stupid?  At some point, someone has to say this is foolish and I am not going to put up with some spoiled millionaire making stupid accusations.  The point is Donald Trump is a rich, stupid racist and a lot of his actions should be ignored rather than glorified in the media, unless we are glorifying the fact that he is a rich, stupid racist.

Now I know I am going to get a lot of lip for this because when you black you apparently have to agree with everything President Obama does.  I didn't find it necessary for President Obama to show his birth certificate to Donald Trump.  Like really, you are the President of United States, why
are you explaining yourself to anyone?  That is your whole tag line "I'm the President of the United States" and you instantly get extra cool points.  You make major decisions (kinda) that affects the whole country.  When did he even find time to find his birth certificate with all the problems in this country (government almost shut down, there is still a good amount of unemployment, and all those tornadoes causing major damage).  My advice to President Obama is to ignore foolishness.  There is this thing called the *side eye* and I need the President to catch on to it.  The sooner Obama realizes that he doesn't have to respond every time a hot mess says something the better off he will be.