About This Blog

Hey everybody!!!

While living in my first apartment, I decided that I wanted to start a blog.  I had no idea what I would talk about or what the niche would be.  First I thought, "I will talk about my day to day experiences."  Then I thought, "I will discuss the hunger issues in America." But those first two ideas just did not cut it for me.  I was not finding any inspiration from just those subjects.  Then I realized that I am inspired by surrounding culture.  That is when it hit me that I was more than just a blogger, I was a culture critic. 

I am inspired by the culture around me: pop culture, fashion culture, social culture, music culture, award show culture (yea, I think I just made that up).  I'm sitting at lunch reading the newspaper and I look up and see two girls whining about how there are no good men and I am inspired to write a post (probably about how women put too much of their worth on if they are in a relationship or not).  I'm listening to the radio and hear a debate about racism in the workplace and I'm inspired to write a post (probably about how tired I am of every issue being turned into a race issue).  I watch a crazy video on Vine and I want to rush to my laptop to write about it.

So there it is.  This blog does not cover one thing but it covers everything that makes up our culture.  You might think that this blog is going to be all over the place.  Well, it will.  But you will like where it takes you.  My goal with this culture blog is to make you think about your world in a new way.  I want to make you interested in things you never thought would interest you.  And I also want a place to discuss silly things like the crazy things that celebrities do and what artists showed out (good or bad) at the latest award show.  I look forward to bringing you the best of culture.