Friday, July 20, 2012

Through EBONY Eyes Ep 2 Meek Mill and Aretha Franklin

Hey everybody!! If you have not watched it yet below is my views on a couple of medium size controversies including Meek Mill's song "Amen" and Kathy Lee Gifford come the Queen of Soul Feel free to leave a comment and give me some feedback.  Check out the video below:

Saturday, July 14, 2012


My quick weave!!
Hey everyone!! I hope this post finds you in a cool spot (especially if you live in the south)  considering how crazy hot it has been.  As much as I love summer (the swimming, BBQs, and just overall being outdoors)  I cannot say that my hair will say the same about the hot season.  Considering the fact that I have frizzy hair and sweat profusely in my head, I am constantly trying to figure out what to do with my thick hair.  So I have decided to try to put in my own quick weave.  As I was doing my hair it made me think of all the cool (and sometimes crazy) things black women can do with their hair.

The Natural: I am always hearing about someone taking the BIG CHOP.  For any Caucasian, Asian, or Latina women that might read my blog, this is when a black woman cuts all the straight hair off to the curl or natural part of the hair.  Women who are tired of getting the creamy crack (relaxer) take this route.  This style has actually caused a lot of debate in the black women community.  Those who choose to take the clippers to their head might berate us who choose to continue to use the creamy crack because of how much damage it causes the scalp.  I agree the natural might be whole lot healthier but for the time being I like my hair straight and will continue to take the risk.  Regardless of my stance on the natural, I think this hair style can be very pretty.  I love to see women with different braid styles with it or just wear picked out. 
Such a pretty natural look
The Weave: This is actually a style I am working right now (the quick weave).  Black women have gotten the weave down to a science.  There is the sew-in, quick weave, clip-ins, microbraids, twists, lacefronts, and many other styles.  The thing about the weave is that it can go one of two ways: very nice or very bad.  I believe that if you are not a performer of some sort then leave the lacefronts alone.  I also believe that you should not go to every one's kitchen to get your hair done.  I can understand not wanting to pay hundreds of dollars to get a weave but still use caution when picking a kitchen beautician.  Even though black women get teased a lot for wearing weaves I believe that if done correctly it can actually be healthy for the hair.  I like not constantly putting heat on my hair.
Tyra always has a pretty weave
This is a no no
The Famous Body Wrap: This is the first grown lady style every black woman learns as young teen.  It is very simple actually.  After getting a relaxer, the stylist will with put rollers in the hair or straighten it and then you literally wrap the hair around your head to keep the look sleek.  This style is very easy to keep up and also easy to sleep on.  I rock this style on a regular. 
Rihanna use to rock the body wrap before she became a red head

I love how creative we can get with our hair.  I also love how we can switch up our styles on a daily.  Monday we can have hair to our hips and Wednesday we can have short curly style.  Whatever the style, it all inspires me. 

Monday, July 2, 2012


If you missed the BET Awards 2012 this past Sunday because you thought it was going to be ratchet, you actually missed a good show (Honestly, I do not blame you for your assumptions).  But this year the BET Awards redeemed themselves 100 fold! Like any award show, there were highs and lows but there were more highs than lows.  Kanye gave us freestyle, Chaka Khan showed us that you can still rock it at 60, Mindless Behavior dissed a legend, and even Mr. Al Sharpton gave us some freestyle (“This election is not about Obama, it’s about yo mama.” Lol, I guess). 

To start this review off, I am going to start with my fav performance: Melanie Fiona.  If you follow me on Twitter my last few tweets have been about how amazing Melanie Fiona is.  Everyone describes Melanie Fiona as the most underrated artist and last night Melanie showed everyone why to underrate her is a BIG mistake.  She killed on her performance.  She sang “Wrong Side of a Love Song” and it left me speechless.  She sang the song like the person that it was about was sitting on the first row.  Sidenote: I stan for any artist that can just stand in front of a mic and slay.  Melanie, girl, you have a fan for life.  And if you have not picked it up yet, get Melanie Fiona’s second album The MF Life. You will not be disappointed.

Another part of the show that I really enjoyed was Kevin Hart’s funny spoof of the Real Housewives series, The Real Husbands of Hollywood.  I freakin’ love Kevin Hart and the spoofs shows why.  This year he had Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Anderson, Fabolous, and Faizon Love in his miniseries and it was just as funny as last year.  My fav part was when Samuel L. Jackson called Soul Plane a “slave” movie.  Seriously, I was cracking up through each spoof.

Depending on your choice of sense of humor depends on if your think this was a low point.  When Mindless Behavior and Mike Epps were presenting the Best R&B category, Mindless Behavior said that Mike Epps singing was as bad as Lauryn Hill’s tax accountant.  After the comment a gasp could be heard from the audience.  Beyonce won the award and did a shoutout to Lauryn Hill in her acceptance speech.  Rumor has it that Beyonce vented backstage about how disrespectful the joke was but not quite sure how true it is.  Honestly, award shows always take jabs at celebrities.  I cannot say that I think this is the most disrespectful comment I have ever heard on an award show (Russel Brand and Ricky Gervais have said a lot worse about celebrities). 

I cannot end this post without talking about the Whitney Houston tribute.  BET Awards get an A+ for that tribute.  I was not looking forward to hearing another artist sing “I Will Always Love You”.  I understand that it was the main song that Whitney is known for but she had a slew of  other unforgettable hits.  Monica did a beautiful job.  And Brandy…wow, I am proud of you.  Brandy helped us remember that Whitney was not just a ballad singer.  Ms. Cissy Houston gave an emotional tribute to her baby girl that almost had me in tears.  And then Chaka Khan came out singing “I Am Every Woman” to show us how the legends do it. 

I could probably write 2 or 3 more paragraphs on this awards show but I am going to end it here.  If you missed it, I am pretty sure that BET is going to rerun it like 200 times before next year’s show.

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