Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hey everybody!!  I am excited to  write this post about my latest concert attendance.  Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I saw Beyoncé in concert.  And honey, she shut it DOWN!!

The concert opened with Luke James as her opener.  Because of my fav Youtubers, The Skorpion Show, I knew Luke James was the opening act.  I had never heard about him other than the interview The Skorpion Show did with him.  But even then, I still cannot say that I went and looked up any his music.  One thing I can say is the boy can sing.  He has a soulful voice that reminds you of that old school R&B.  I could not sing along to any of his song but I was really feeling his voice.  So if you are looking for new music, check out Luke James.

The first thing I want to discuss is how homegirl is making money even when she is not on stage.  Just in case you didn't know, Beyoncé has a bajillion dollar contract with Pepsi.  So at her concert, there was a Pepsi truck outside with her silhouette on the can.  Then between her opening act and her coming on stage she had every commercial for everything she is selling: perfume, H&M , Pepsi, and a single for an untitled album.  Whatever your personal feelings are about Beyoncé, one thing you have to admit is that she is a business woman.  The rest of the girls in the game could take lesson from Bey.

Now let's get into the details of her concert.  She had this French mini-movie thing going on throughot her concert.  It was like her movie was presenting her to you as Queen Bey.  It was really artsy.  But what I was ready to see was the dancers.  Bey has the best backup dancers.  Like seriously, I find myself watching them rather than watching Bey at times.  They dance so hard for 2 full hours without missing a step.  I can only imagine how hard it is to become one of Beyonce's backup dancers and the shape you have to be in to put on that show night after night.  What really impresses me is that she is doing all this while singing LIVE!  I do not believe that Beyoncé has the strongest voice but I have to tip my hat to her that she dances as much as she does while also hitting multiple runs.

Then out of nowhere we got a little surprise: Mr. Carter himself was at the concert.  During Bey's energetic performance of Crazy In Love, we spotted him standing behind one of the stages.  I thought he was going to perform his part but he didn't. .Side note: he's not that big of a guy in person.  She performed most of her songs from 4 and I got my whole life!  But the song I was really waiting for was Grown Woman.  Yall, I put my purse down and I did all the choreography to the song.  I was breathing hard and had pops of sweat on my forehead by the end of the song.  And yall already know I showing out on the Single Ladies dance routine.

Beyoncé gives her all throughout her concerts.  Like at no moment did I feel she was half-assing it.  She knew that the people in that audience had spent bill money to be there and she made sure it was worth it.  You knew a lot of practice, time, blood, and sweat had gone into this concert.  She is a performer.  She realizes that every time she steps on that stage that is what she is getting paid the big bucks to do.  You also realize that this is her passion.  Not one time she was on stage did I feel like she was just trying to get through the song.  But she wanted to make sure that we [the audience] was enjoying every moment.  I can respect that in any artist. 

Basically, it was one of the top concerts that I have ever attended.  Homegirl most definitely puts on a show.  It is worth the rent money you are going to have to spend to get a ticket.  Be sure to check out the pics and videos in this post. 

Ready for Queen Bey!!

Can't quite remember what song this was.  Maybe Single Ladies

At this point Beyoncé is soaring over the crowd to the second stage

Still soaring

Singing Irreplaceable
Performing Irreplaceable

Performing Love on Top

Friday, July 19, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Hope you are having a great Friday! This past week has been full of emotions.  If you read my last post you already know how I feel about the George Zimmerman verdict.  So I will not go into how crappy a verdict it was and how I cannot believe that a grown man can stalk a young man down, gun them down, and still claim self-defense.  Nope, I won't go into all of that.  But I will discuss another travesty that is happening in America and  going unnoticed: Where are the black women on Saturday Night Live?!

One night as I was getting ready for bed I was doing my usual last check of Instagram and Twitter (I hate to admit it but I am a bit of a social network junkie).  I came across this tweet that was titled "7 Reasons Why "SNL" Has To Hire A Black Woman Yesterday".  Being a huge fan of SNL, this immediately caught my eye.  And I was immediately inspired to write this post.

Now let's be clear I am not saying that SNL should start filling a status quo.  I have admired the fact that SNL recruits raw talent and I feel they should continue to do that.  But you are not going to tell me that there are absolutely NO funny black women trying out for SNL.  Heck, some of the women they already have on  SNL are only lukewarm funny (i.e. Nasim Pedrad and Vanessa Bayer).  You can throw a lukewarm funny black girl in the mix.

You might wonder why this is even an issue in the first place.  Well, in the show history's there has been only 4 (and 15 black cast members in all) black women since the show premiered in 1975.  Once again, you are telling me that between now and 1975 there have only been 4 black women funny enough to grace the SNL stage.  Unfortunately, once they were on the show they had limited camera time.  Danitra Vance, SNL's first black woman cast member, actually left the show because she was tired of only doing roles that were stereotypical (maids, baby mamas, waitresses, girl-with-a-bad-attitude.  This is probably one of SNL's biggest flaws concerning their black cast members as well as Hollywood's in general).  Maya Rudolph has been the most successful black female cast member on the show.  She is funny and because of her fair skin she could pass for just about any female celebrity, regardless of race. 
Yvonne Hudson (featured player)
Danitra Vance (first black female regular cast member)

Ellen Cleghorne

Maya Rudolph

I understand that you have to be quick with the wit on a SNL so not everyone that is a stand-up comedian can cut it on the show.  But it is really hard for me to believe that in the show's 38 year run only 4 black women have shown up to auditions that were good at improv. If you click the link about "7 Reasons" you will see that the article gives suggestions on who SNL should look to bringing on next season.  And all those ladies are funny! I'm not just saying that because they are black but because they are actually funny.  I could most definitely see Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata on SNL doing some crazy character for Weekend Update (and not the stereotypical black-girl-with-an-attitude character). 

So yea, SNL get cho life immediately.  It's 2013 and black woman, along with other minority women and men can be as funny as Fred Armisen, Will Ferrel, or Kristen Wiig.  Or at least half as funny those SNL cast members that no one remembers. Remember Rosie Shuster? Yea, me either. 

Friday, July 12, 2013


Hey everybody.  I start this post with an anxious heart.  Today the jury will deliberate on the verdict for the George Zimmerman trial.  It has been hard for me to watch the case for the last week.  It is hard for me to imagine this had to be brought to trial.  You would think something like this should be open and close.  Simply put: if George Zimmerman would have stayed in the car, Trayvon would still be alive today.

Aside: I did not attend law school.  But at times during this case, I felt I could have built a stronger case against Zimmerman than the prosecution.  I will give it a try:  George Zimmerman spots Trayvon and calls 911.  George Zimmerman tells 911 he is following him and 911 tells him NOT to follow him.  At this point, Trayvon senses that someone is following him so now he is in self-defense mode.  So even if Trayvon did throw the first punch, it is because he thought his life was threatened.  Trayvon was "standing his ground."  At no point, did Zimmerman have the authority to follow or question this young man.  As neighborhood watch, his job it to watch, not to take action of any sort.

With all that said, I have a strong feeling that the jury will find him not guilty.  The prosecution has to prove that George Zimmerman did it out of spite or hatred.  I do not think he did it out to of hate rather than bad judgement.  Zimmerman made really ill choices and should be held responsible for the bad choices that he made i.e. getting out of the truck. 

Watching this case has been difficult for me because of how the Defense has painted the picture that Zimmerman had no other choice but to kill this 17 year old. He had a choice: stay in the car (see the pattern here).  The Defense said that Trayvon was armed with the "sidewalk."  They also said that following someone is not illegal.  Just because something is not illegal does not mean it is a good idea. 

I continue to pray for Martin's family.  This has been a difficult time for them to be in the courtroom day after day with the man who shot their son and has no regrets about it.  They are the definition of cool composure.  I also hope their will be no violent backlash if the verdict is not in Trayvon's favor.  Let's remember to be peaceable even in difficult times.

What is your take on this trail? What do you think the verdict is going to be?