Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder: My Theories

Six weeks ago, we were introduced to TV's most addicting murder mystery.  How to Get Away with Murder(HTGAWM) has had me glued to my couch every Thursday.  It's also probably the only time my phone is not in my hand.  If you have ever seen this show you know that it needs your ENTIRE attention.

This Thursday we will find out who killed Sam Keating (and hopefully find out who killed Lila Stanguard).  Every week HTGAWM has flashbacks to the students trying to get rid of Sam's body.  We have been given little clues along the way as to how they got there.  Before tomorrow's episode, I would like to pitch a few of my own theories of #WhoKilledSam and #WhoKilledLila:

Rebecca killed Sam: Last week, Rebecca admitted to killing Sam.  However, I believe this solution is too obvious.  But for the sake of this post, I will entertain it.  Rebecca knows that Lila was having an affair with Sam.  If you recall, we found out the last 10 minutes of last week's episode
that Lila was pregnant when she was killed.  Rebecca finds out about the pregnancy and confronts Sam because as we know Rebecca has a mouth piece on her that she doesn't know how to control.  Sam becomes enraged and tries to kill Rebecca.  Rebecca wasn't going so she grabs the statue and kills him.

Wes Killed Sam: I'm willing to put money on this theory.  From the start, Wes has been the ultimate underdog.  Lost his mother to suicide at 11 years of age, went to a junior college, and was wait-listed for law school.  Wes also has this need to be Captain Save-A-Jezebel.  So when he sees Sam trying to kill Rebecca (killing her for confronting him), Wes comes to the rescue and kills Sam with the statue.

Sam killed Lila: This too is obvious.  Sam killed Lila because she was going to snitch to Annalise about the affair and also she was pregnant.

Bonnie killed Lila: I know this is a stretch because we really don't know Bonnie's angle but bear with me.  At first, I thought she had something for Sam.  Then I thought she had something for Annalise.  On the other hand, she got her panties all in the bunch with Laurel when she sensed her and Frank were getting naughty. Then out of no where we see her in bed with Asher so yea I haven't cracked her yet.  With that said, I believe she killed Lila to protect Sam and Annalise (maybe she has a thing for the both of them; I mean, she is always at that house).  Bonnie possibley overheard Sam on the phone with Lila discussing her unwanted pregnancy and took it upon herself to take care of it; killing Lila that is.

Questions I still haven't been able to answer:

  • How did the other students get involved with getting rid of Sam's body?
  • Why is Bonnie sleeping with Asher of all people?
  • How did Asher loose possession of the statue?
  • Why doesn't Annalise just wear her real hair rather than those homemade wig units?
I can't wait for this upcoming episode.  I'm so ready for my questions to be answered.  What are your #WhoKilledSam theories?