Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey everybody!! Today I am bringing you my review of the Academy Awards.  This year's award show was hosted by Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy).  If you have ever seen the show, you know that Seth is not the most family-friendly guy.  ABC certainly took a risk having him host the show.  Even though there were moments that reminded you of an episode of Family Guy (the Boob song), the FCC will not have write ABC any pricey fines. 

Was it just me or did the opener go a little long?  Usually, the host comes out in the beginning and tell a couple of jokes, take some shots at the audience and that's cool.  But I felt like Seth's part went a little long.  It was a cool concept (William Shaftner coming from the future to tell Seth how he was going to do as a host)  but went a little long for me.  Also, the Chris/Rihanna joke?  4 years too late. 

As I do with all my award review posts, I will just hit some highlights:

Cartoons I've Seen Won: Even though I watch the Oscars every year, I do not always get to see the movies nominated.  This year I saw both the winners of the Best Animated Short and Best Animated Movie: Paperman and Brave, respectively.  Paperman is a cute short about a guy finding girl.  Brave is about a girl who does not want to be a princess.  This is very different from previous Disney movies.  It not my fav Disney film but congrats on the win.

Best Actress: Best actress was competitive this year.  You had the oldest woman to be nominated and the youngest lady to be nominated.  You also had someone nominated who was in a movie that you do not expect to be nominated for an Oscar.  I was rooting for Quvenzhane Wallis (not only because she is black but also because she is crazy talented) but I had a feeling they would not give it to her.  But I have no problem with Jennifer Lawrence winning.  She seems like a cool chick.

My SISTAH and 1ST CUZ showed out: Anybody that knows me knows I was waiting for my SISTAH to perform... and she did not leave me disappointed.   Effie White, I mean , Jennifer Hudson, showed us why she won the Oscar back in 2007.  I felt that pain that Curtis caused her through my television screen.  Some people say she is loud but I say she sings with her whole mind, body, and soul.  She might be loud but you will never doubt that she is singing live.
My SISTAH recieved a standing ovation

Also my first cuz, Adele, won an Oscar and performed.  I am not a huge fan of Skyfall but I love to hear her voice (another artist you do not doubt about singing live).  I loved her sultry look while performing Skyfall.  She is pure talent, not relying on over sexualized clothes or stripper moves on stage.  Nope, just pure talent. 

Lastly, the show was soooooooooo long! But I guess that is the complaint every year.  Seth, overall, did an okay job.  As far as I am concerned, if it was for the musical tribute, this show would have been hella boring.  Basically, it was an okay award show.

Stay tuned for the last Black History Month spotlight!



  1. 1. Lol at Adele being "first cousin"
    2. Silver Linings Playbook is really good. You should see it if you havent.
    4. Thoughts on The Onion vs Quvenzhané situation?

    1. I do not agreee with their comment but being offended by The Onion is like being offended by an episode of Family Guy

    2. true, but still incredibly rude for someone who we/they know so little about

    3. I agree it was a tasteless comment

  2. 3. There is no four :-)