Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donald Sterling is a Racist but What Would Your Last Private Conversation Say About You?

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This week you have probably been hearing a lot about the L.A. Clippers.  Unfortunately, it's not because of the great season they've had.  Apparently, they have a owner who is a raging racist.  So much so that he doesn't want Magic Johnson at his game.  Yes, he doesn't want the legendary Magic Johnson at his games.

It all started when his girlfriend/mistress, V. Staviano, recorded a private conversation she was having with Sterling.  For me it was more weird than offensive.  I felt like I was listening to teengers talk with their weird sentence fragments.  Throughout the whole snippet it sounds like she is baiting him to talk about how he feels about black people.  He goes on about how he wishes she wouldn't pose with black people in her Instagram pics.  Sterling even commands that she not bring black people to his games including Magic Johnson.

Because of these comments and other not so great comments about minorities, there has been pressure on the NBA to do something.  Saturday night before the Clippers played, they threw their jackets on the court and wore their practice Clippers shirts inside out in protest.  Other owners including Micheal Jordan of the Charlotte Bobcats have spoken out against Donald Sterling.  Tuesday, NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, announced that Sterling has been banned from all NBA games and will be fined $2.5 million (even though to him this is pocket change).

As much Sterling's comments disgust me, I couldn't help but feel a certain way about this situation.  This whole thing started because the girlfriend was taping their private conversation. She claims that he wanted her to tape their conversations because he was forgetting things. Now I'm not trying to debate the 1st Amendment.  I get it, you have freedom of speech but not freedom of consequence.  However, Sterling wasn't speaking at a Clippers game, charity dinner, or staff meeting.  I have yet to read about him being racist in the workplace.  He was having what he thought was a conversation between him and his girlfriend.  I ask you, what would people say about you if they heard a recording of your last private conversation?

Let's be real, when we are around our friends or significant others we tend to get comfortable.  We're most definitely not as politically correct as we are when we're in a public setting.  We let our hair down and whatever comes out, comes out.  We're certainly not thinking that someone might be recording the whole conversation to later use it against us.  As Kareem Abdul-Jabaar brings out in his column on Time.com:
"Shouldn’t we be equally angered by the fact that his private, intimate conversation was taped and then leaked to the media? Didn’t we just call to task the NSA for intruding into American citizen’s privacy in such an un-American way?"
I couldn't agree with Mr. Kareem more.  The American people were offended by the NSA having access to their phone records but haven't said boo about the fact the we are listening to a taping of a private conversation.  I'm really confused by the logic here.

Let's also talk about how we got a recording of the tape.   It "leaked"?  How do people's personal tapes keep mysteriously leaking (Mimi, I'm looking at you)? I have to give a blood sample when I get locked out of my Gmail account yet these people can't keep their private tapes under wrap.  Now I could understand if this was Kim Kardashian with all her high profile relationships, but who is this girl?  Was she somebody before this?  Was she so high in demand that someone hacked her information to see what juicy news she was hiding? I doubt it.

I'm not disagreeing with Adam Silver's decision to ban Donald Sterling.   I just think this situation is bigger than a rich bigot.  As bad as his comments were, let's reflect on what we talk about privately before we wag our fingers at others.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Momma Joyce and Bad Friends: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2

I was finally able to catch the second half of RHOA Reunion Part 2.  So let me just dive in:

Momma Joyce: As I mentioned on the last post, Bravo must have had strong cocktails backstage because Momma Joyce was on one.  She discussed how she raised a millionaire, got her own house, and called herself reading Cynthia.  Now I could have sworn the house Momma Joyce was living in was Kandi's old house.  Even Kandi got tired of her rant about how she got her own money.  After a whole season, Kandi finally got the nerve to tell her momma about herself.  She gave us all the tea about Momma Joyce opening credit cards in her name and her gambling habit.  Kandi also let us know that her mom doesn't have to explain to anyone how she gets her money.

As far as I am concerned, we, the viewers,  have never had a problem with Kandi giving her mom money.  The problem was how Momma Joyce treated Kandi and Todd.  And from the reunion, I figure that she still doesn't like Todd which is just sad.  When asked how Todd's mom feels about her, Momma Joyce mentioned that Todd's mom called her the B-word.  I wonder is that going to be in Kandi's wedding special that is going to premiere on Bravo.  I might just have to watch that.

Bad friends vs. Good Friends: The last 30 minutes of the reunion was Andy Cohen asking Nene and Cynthia about their friendship.  As you may recall, while in Mexico Nene and Peter exchanged words.  During that exchange Nene called Peter the B-word.  Though there was an episode where apologies were given, Cynthia explained that wounds were reopened after watching the episode.  Cynthia also went into how Nene doesn't give her the same respect that she gives Nene.  Nene, as always, seemed unfazed as if she hadn't didn't anything wrong.  Then towards the end of the episode Kenya calls her out, "If you can't get along with Cynthia then you can't get along with anybody." Nene shuts the conversation down by saying "Cynthia's not a d@nm angel."  Needless to say, this friendship is probably over.

My favorite blogger, Luvvie, tweeted something along the lines that Nene is someone you're cool with but she is not someone you get personal with.  I couldn't agree more.  Nene is shady and wishy washy.  I've been saying for the last to seasons that she has a new money attitude and is very prideful. You never know when she is going to flip on you.  Nene has had a falling out with just about everyone on the show and it was only a matter of time before she fell out with Cynthia.  I advise Cynthia to count this as a blessing and move on.  Before I forget, did anyone else catch Phaedra's mid-episode prayer?  "Fix it, Jesus"  Shoutout to Phaedra for being a prayer warrior.

Next week is the finale of the Reunion where the wives will be joined by their husbands.  I wonder what Apollo's response to his allegations is going to be.

What did you think of part 2?  

Shoutout to RealityTVGIFs.  Check them out!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The SHADE of it all: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 of 2

Because my electricity went out during the show (tornado season in Arkansas) I only got to watch the first half of the show so this will have to be a 2 part post.  I will post the second part when I get to see the rest of the episode.

This week we got part 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion.  Once again, the ladies came out the gate with the blows.  If you follow me on Twitter you might remember me saying during early in the season that this was the shadiest season to date.  But the great thing about these ladies is that they don't only throw shade in their confessionals but have not one problem doing it to each others' face.

The first comment I want dig into was between Kenya and Nene.  I can't remember exactly what started it between them two but it ended with Nene saying to Kenya, "Don't make me call Porsha."  This caused Kenya to reply with "Don't make me call Marlo."  All I could do was let out a loud:

As much as I can't stand Kenya I have to admit that she shut Nene DOWN.  Even Nene was at a loss for words.  She was not ready for that comeback.  But as we all know, all is fair in love and roasting.  

However, the digs did not stop there.  Andy switches gears to the head doctor comment that was made about Phaedra.  Kenya for some reason feels compelled to speak about it even though this subject has nothing to do with her.  This prompted Phaedra to say to Kenya, "I may be a head doctor but you can't be a housewive because you can't get a husband."  Then Kenya calls Phaedra's  husband out about his straying ways  You would think that would have been bad enough but Phaedra whips out a quick "He doesn't want a barren woman."  At this point, you realize there is nothing that is off limits.  
Source: allabouttrh.com
The last thing I saw before Mother Nature shut my lights off was Momma Joyce.  This season Momma Joyce really showed out.  On top of her being disrespectful to Kandi's fiance, she has threaten to whoop a girl half her age on a couple of occasions.  What really had me laughing what that she has no idea of how social media sees her.  Momma Joyce mentioned that people didn't talk badly about her until the show said she tried to set Todd up to get caught in a bad situation.  It's obvious she doesn't understand Black Twitter because we were going in on Momma Joyce way before that incident.

But what killed me was how she was acting.  I guess Bravo had some strong cocktails backstage because I was getting a tipsy feel from her. It wasn't so much funny to me as it was embarrassing.  I think she was putting on this act so she could possibly grab more camera time next season.  Somebody need to tell her that Marlo tried this strategy also and we see where that got her: a couple of cameo spots.  

Unfortunately, I missed the part where Momma Joyce called her self reading Cynthia and Kandi calling her out on opening up credit cards in Kandi's name.  Please believe that I will be watching the rerun and finishing my review.

What did you think of Part 2? 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear Bravo, Don't Fire Porsha

Dear Bravo,

First of all, I want to thank you for the most exciting season of Real Housewives of Atlanta in RHOA history.  You truly out did yourself.  Even though at times you were reaching with some of the story lines (Velvet the Dog's funeral and trying to bring back Textgate) but overall, it was a good season.

But let me get to the point: Part 1 of Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion.  I'm usually not a fan of how you drag out the reunion shows because the first ones have no action and just a lot of talk.  However, yall came out the gate with the action.  All real RHOA fans knew about the altercation between Porsha and Kenya before the episode premiered, but we didn't know that Kenya got DRAGGED or that we would see it on part 1.  Porsha didn't just shove her a little bit. No, Porsha got a good grip on that sew-in and brought Kenya to the ground.  That drag touched my soul.  I, for real, stood up and let out a loud "WOO" in my living room.  You would have thought I was watching a Maywheather fight.  This fight was so bad even Nene was looking worried.  It's obvious that none of the wives thought Porsha had it in her.

Now Bravo, I know you do not condone violence but I ask you to go back in your footage and watch how Kenya has been verbally abusive to Porsha for the last two years.  Kenya has called her everything but her name.  Kenya has repeatedly hit below the belt especially when she was talking about Porsha and Kordell's marriage.  Then at the Reunion, Kenya going to call Porsha a hoe through a bullhorn?!  Anybody would have snapped!

Speaking of Kenya's foolish props, let me get to heart of why I'm writing this letter.  There has been rumors that you might be firing Porsha because of the hair snatch heard around the world.  I know you have a "no dragging people" policy but let's keep it real, you as in Bravo and Andy played a huge part in this fight (For the record, Andy is the messiest wife of them all).  First, why was Porsha even on the couch with Kenya?  That was the first bad idea.  Second, why were the props allowed on set?  Someone should have had the insight to know that it was not a good idea to let Kenya have a bullhorn. The production crew should know by now that Kenya is not wrapped too tight and only chaos will pursue if a crazy has a bullhorn.  Instead, you were more concerned with good TV.  And Andy had the audacity to tell Porsha to apologize?!  Why didn't you have Kenya apologize for calling Porsha a hoe?!

I'm standing behind Porsha and hoping you do not fire her.  Kenya has been provoking her for the last two years because she knew those cameras were there and she had a shield from a real hood whooping.  If you do fire her then Kenya should also be let go.  Along with your "no dragging people" policy, how about you add a"Don't Push Folks to the Edge" policy or "Don't Let Your Mouth Write a Check Your Butt Can't Cash" policy.  If one of the wives wants to taunt somebody then they better be ready for the repercussions.

Bravo, I understand you have to run your channel a certain but please own up to the part you played in this fight.  Porsha didn't make the best decision but anybody dealing with the issues she's dealing with would have reacted the same way.  I just ask that you please be fair when dealing with these two ladies.

Long Time Viewer,

Ebony Read


Please bring back Tabaitha Takes Over.  That was my show!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#WCW: Tracee Ellis Ross

Girlfriends was the best. TV show. ever. We had the opportunity to watch four beautiful, intelligent black women on TV that were not snapping their fingers, rolling their necks, and dropping off the last constants on their words.  They were funny and showed us that life can suck sometimes but it's okay as long as you have your Girlfriends (sorry for that corny line). 

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But what really made me love this show was the fantastic Tracee Ellis Ross.  I always gravitated towards Ross' character, Joan Clayton.  First of all, the lady was freakin' hilarious.  For as long as I live I will never forget the line "I can't be whatever I want! Can I be a couch?!"  My 8th grade self laughed at that line for a solid hour.

I felt her character and I had so much in common: grew up only children, could be overly anxious, and we both love themes (remember her Cinco de Mayo song?).  She was a rock for her girls (She could have claimed Lynn as a dependent on her taxes).  She was a beast of a lawyer and blew me away when she quick her job and opened her own night spot, The J Spot.  She was eccentric but she owned it.

I didn't only gravitate towards her personality but I LOVED her style.  I would watch every episode and study her house and her clothes.  She looked flawless in everything she wore.  I wanted to submerge myself in her closet and burn every print and fabric to my memory so I could do my own version of her wardrobe.   She is the reason I started wearing black nail polish.  And don't get me started on her house.  Tell me you didn't want your first house to look like her's?  It was so slick and chic.  Her house was the definition of the single, independent woman.

However, my admiration for her goes beyond her talent on the screen.  Tracee's unique beauty is what stands out most for me.  As a young, dark skinned girl, I didn't have a variety of women to look up to when flipping through the channels or the pages of a magazine.  Watching Tracee with her unique beauty features (stunning big eyes and curvy shape) made me want to embrace my own unique features.  Let's not forget to mention her hair.  There is no telling how many women she has inspired to take the BIG CHOP because of her impressive jet black locks.  I see pictures of her and I just want to melt.  No hate here, she is gorgeous.

Yet, she is more than her looks.  I'm convinced that Ms. Ross sweats confidence.  Don't believe me? Watch her in an interview.  I don't believe the woman has ever heard the word nervous.  She jumps right in and makes you interested in whatever she is interested in.  She could be talking about trash bags and her enthusiasm will make me want to buy and wear those trash bags.

Source: mommynoire.com
Some might say "Well, she is the daughter of the diva, Diana Ross."  Yet and still, that's what makes her even more intriguing to me.  Most women might feel they wouldn't be able to come out from under the shadow of their uber famous mother, but Tracee has so much love for her.  When she was doing a taping of Watch What Happens Live she was excited to talk about Ms. Diana.  Even on Twitter she's constantly gives her mother shoutouts.  Famous or not famous, she understands you only get one mama.

By now, you have realized that I love me some Tracee Ellis Ross (but not in a standing outside her window type way).  I don't do #WCW often but Tracee gets the honor this week.  Her talent, confidence, humor, style, beauty, and love for her mama wins her the title.

Are you as infatuated with Ms. Ross as I am?