Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Hope you had a great weekend! And I also hope you had a great award show Sunday evening! I, for one, love award shows.  I, in particularly, love getting on Twitter during award shows.  There has been times that the commentary on Twitter has been better than the award show itself.  My usual formula for my reviews of award shows is to just to hit the highlights but honestly all I can remember is the drop kick seen around the world.

Picture it, Las Vegas 2013: Miguel takes to the stage to perform his smash hit 'Adorn'.  To be honest, I was not that excited about the performance because I am about sick of this song.  Like seriously, in the past 4 months the radio stations have played this song out of style.  So during the performance I am not all that engaged.  Well, I just happen to look up as Miguel is making a 100 yard dash from one stage to the next.  I was not sure if he was leaping or doing a stage dive feet first.  As he is landing the back of his knee catches a girl in the neck and slams her head on the stage.  And apparently, his crotch catches another girl in the face.  All this happens and Miguel doesn't miss a note!

At this point, I really can't believe what I saw.  But then I get on Twitter and realize that my eyes did not fool me.  Miguel drop kicked someone on live television.  Wow, is all I have to say about that.  Later that night Miguel would tweet that he was caught in the moment and that Khyati (the innocent bystander) was okay.  I'm not really sure why he thought leaping over a huge crowd of people was okay and why he thought doing it in boots with a 3 inch heel was an okay also?

But what really had me cackling was Khyati's homegirl.  For the record, I'm not sure if she was really Khyati's homegirl but if she is Khyati needs to find new friends.  So after Khyati's head is slammed bluntly to the stage, homegirl seems like she is about to help Khyati.  Then she realizes that Miguel is within touching distance, forgets poor Khyati laying on the ground and proceeds to jam with Miguel.  I was done!
Homegirl who left her friend on the floor to jam with Miguel
At this point I'm on the floor of my living room rolling


As uneventful as it was for Khyati, it truly brought some life to this award show that was not that great.  Khyati I hope you got a BC, Advil or something because I know your neck was throbbing this morning.

What did you all think about the show?

Friday, May 17, 2013

#ThickBaby presents Tootie

Thick, Baby! presents Tootie
Canndace 'Tootie' Davis
Skirt- Lane Bryant
Hey everybody!!! And welcome to the first installment of Thick, Baby! I wanted to open this series up with an interview.  I have chose to interview Canndace 'Tootie' Davis.  I have known this girl since kindergarten so it was a treat to reunite, have a mini photo shoot, and talk style.  Once you meet her, you will never forget her. Continue reading  to learn more about Tootie's style:

How do you define your style?
Classy with blig
What is your fav type of clothing?
 What inspires your style?
The 1950s, vintage look
What is your fav body part to accentuate?                                  
My bosom and legs
Is there something you wear now that you felt years ago that thick women should not be caught dead in?
What do you say to those that think full figured  women should only be seen in moo-moos and sweat pants?
  We should not have to cover up and look like grandmas.  But just because something comes in your size does not mean you should wear it.
What advice do you give to other full figure women that want to try to spice up their wardrobe?
Less is more and a girdle is always your friend 

I don't know what this child was doing lol

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Happy Hump Day!! I had to make a post about this new single that Kelly Rowland leaked: Dirty Laundry.  Yall,Ms. Kelly gave ALL the tea in this single.  If you have not heard it go here to hear it. 

If this song did not touch your heart, you must be an emotionally unavailable person... all the time.  Ms. Kelly dives deep into the bittersweet reaction she had to Beyonce's success.  She discussed how she felt lost after the Destiny Child's Survivor album and how people chose Beyonce's music over hers.  But what really choked me up is when she sang about her domestic violence relationship.  Yall, Ms. Kelly almost had me in tears. 

But what I really liked about this song is how Kelly highlights what a lot of celebrities do: smile for the cameras and be depressed behind closed doors.  A lot of the times we see these celebrities and think their lives are great: fancy clothes, nice houses and cars, vacays on private islands.  But we always find out later that they were miserable the whole time.  Ms. Kelly showed us in this song to not be fooled by the glitz and glamour.  Who would have known that the beautiful Ms. Rowland was loving someone that was hitting her upside her head?  This song reinforce what I already knew about the rich and famous life: It Aint All of That. 

This song has made me see Kelly Rowland in a new light.  We have never heard from her how she really felt about the girls going their separate ways.  All we heard was the generic answer she gave in interviews.  But to me not only did she sing about her experience about separating from a music group but she sang the woes of others who have had to live in the shadow of their more successful fellow group member.  Having to tell others that you are happy for their success when really you are wondering why you can't have the big career. Yes, Ms. Kelly said so much in this 5 minute song.

Again, I say, if you have not heard this song you need to hear it.  I have never heard a song with so much truth in it.  Ms. Kelly, you are more talented than you will ever know and I look forward to your career soaring to great heights. 

What are your thoughts on the song?

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hey everybody!!! I hope you had a great weekend! I am so excited about the upcoming weeks.  If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you have seen a pic posted about the upcoming fashion show.  I will be gracing the runway for the first time and get this: it is showcasing full figured ladies.  It is no secret that I am all about being a full figured lady so I am hyped about being apart of this fashion show.
Taking part in this fashion show got my blogging juices to flowing and I decided that I wanted to post something about being full figured all the way up to the show.  I hope to showcase other full figured women that kill it and even spotlight blogs that concentrate on being a thick lady and maybe fashion tips  for the more voluptuous body.  By doing this I hope to open some one's mind up about what beauty is and hopefully get people to understand that beauty comes in all sizes

To all the thick ladies that read this blog,  I truly believe it is our time.  In the last few years, I have seen curvy ladies go from wearing dresses that made us look like circus tents to beautifully wearing fitted freakum dresses.  I have the seen the big thigh ladies go from wearing Capri pants to wearing tasteful skirts and shorts.  No longer are we letting our sizes stop us from taking fashion risks.  And I, for one, am all on board.  So stand, hoot, and holla as I present to you:

Thick, Baby!: The Series

Stay tuned for what is in store! 

Also, if you are in the central Arkansas area, be sure to check out the following:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Still hung over from Cinco de Mayo? Well, I hope your Tuesday is not too bad.  Well, today I felt like making a post about loving your body.  I have posted in the past about loving the body you are in and correcting people on how to talk to thicker ladies but I want to send you another reminder about loving every inch of your body.

Ladies,  are in the midst of trying to lose weight?  Do you hate trying to dress for your body?  Do you constantly tear your body down?  Well, my advice to you is stop the frustration, start the love

If you are trying to lose weight and it seems like you are not making the progress you want do not give up.  Women, we have complex bodies and they do not always do what we what them to do.  There are going to be times when you work out and you will not lose a pound.  Do not let that stop your weight lost journey.  It might mean that you need to change up your workout.  And through out your journey continue to love the body you have. 

Do not let your body type defer you from being fashionable!  When I'm feeling down a cute outfit always makes me feel better.  I have never let my size dictate to me a mini shopping spree.  One thing that I do is shop at a store that I know carries my size.  Target, Catos, Ross, Marshalls, and Old Navy all carry plus sizes and they have cute stuff.  Try new colors and cuts of clothing.  You will be surprised by what compliments the full figured body. 

DO NOT dissect and tear your body down.  Ladies, we do this on a regular.  We look in the mirror and start picking a part every inch of our bodies, finding everything that is wrong.  This is what leads to depression and eventually a hate for your body.  Instead, concentrate on the parts of your body that you love and accentuate those parts.  For me, I love my legs so I wear a lot of  skirts, shorts, and short dresses.  What is your fav body part?

I do not care what you look like or what your size is, confidence can take you a long way.  Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do.  No longer let the media or women on magazines dictate your beauty to you. Heck, walk in the room like you are on the cover of a magazine.  And remember, stop the frustration, start the love.