Friday, January 21, 2011


I want to start this first blog off by discussing self worth, confidence, and what it means to love your self.  As we look into society, we are told that a relationship, money, the perfect job, money (yeah, I know I said it twice), material things, and the perfect body will bring us true happiness. Well, I beg the differ. Happiness starts with the person staring back at you in the mirror.  I believe that true happiness starts with self worth, confidence, and loving yourself.  Now I'm not trying to push my beliefs off on anyone but God made us all in His image.  That makes me feel more special than any pair of name brand shoes could. Knowing that I'm made in the image of the Most High is a confidence boost in itself.  So what is it that brings down our self worth or makes us have self hate?

I believe its when we put up with others' disrespect or excuse inexcusable actions.  Someone once told me that people can only do to you what you ALLOW them to do to you. When you let others disrespect you, you are disrespecting yourself.  You are saying that you do not deserve to be treated like the great unique individual that you are. Thee are some actions that NO ONE  should have to put up with...including being cheated on, lied to, and/or abused.  You can't control others' actions but you can control how you react. This at times might mean letting certain people go because they are causing you pain and not beneficial to you.  

You have to know that its okay to love yourself and to let your shine (sorry if that sounded a little corny). You have to be brave enough to stand up for yourself even if it means being alone.  In the long run, you will thank yourself for it.  Stop letting others define who you should be and come up with your own definition of YOU.  Being dark skin, thick, and short might not be society's definition of beauty but I have made it work for me and I LOVE it.  When you wake up in the morning sometimes you just have to say "I Love Me Some ME" :D

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