Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Woke up Tuesday morning like any other day to get ready to go to work just to come outside and see that my car is running hot and there is no way that my car is going to make it from Conway to Little Rock.  I'm highly upset considering the fact that I am going to have to call in and I just started the job TWO WEEKS ago.  I sit in my car and say what most people say when something bad unexpectedly happens, "Why me, Lord?"  But I shake it off and return back home.  Wake up this morning with the same car problems.  And then again I ask myself "Why me, Lord?" 

I don't know "why me."  But I accept that its unfortunately this thing called: LIFE.  LIFE is something I am learning more and more about everyday.  I'm learning LIFE does not care if things are going good or going bad, LIFE is just going to keep happening and keep going.  LIFE does not care if you are broke, sick, depressed, or in the midst of a breakup or divorce.  LIFE does not care about race, nationality, sex, origin, or sexual preference.  LIFE happens to everyone and it keeps going.

You might ask "what do you mean LIFE happens?" Well, simple: LIFE is everything we do and encounter everyday as we are still breathing.  You might hear someone say "If it's not one thing, it's another." That's called LIFE.  There is always something happening and unfortunately, we cannot control when, where, or the severity(good or bad) these things happen.  We just have to deal with these fortunate or unfortunate things as they come.  How we deal with these things in LIFE shows if we are growing up or letting them take us down.  Because we know LIFE happens we should not be shocked or ready to give up when these things do happen, whether it be your car breaking down or losing a loved one.  These things only makes us stronger. 

And that leads to my next point: LIFE keeps going.  No matter what  you are going through, LIFE never stops. No matter how much we wish we could push a pause button just to take a minute to breath we can't.  We have to deal with these things knowing that tomorrow is still going to come.  Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing that we forget that there is a tomorrow and that this difficult hour is not always going to last.  Knowing that LIFE keeps going is just another reason that we should not let LIFE's problems stop us.  But we should do the same thing: KEEP GOING.  When I'm having a bad day I think of Matthew 6:34.  It basically tells us not to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has its own problems.  Yep, LIFE is always happening and it keeps going.  So what we do is we make ourselves strong to deal with whatever might come along.  We train ourselves to endure LIFE's craziness.  We make ourselves see the brighter side of things.  And most importantly, we pray to our loving God who loves us and wants to be there when we have #MorningsFromYouKnowWhere :D

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