Monday, March 12, 2012


As the title points out my guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Other women reality shows have burnt their bonds with me (Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop) but these Georgia Peaches do not give me Champaign bottle tossing and hair pulling brawls but they give me just enough drama to keep me wanting to tune in every week.  These past two weeks did not leave me disappointed.

Last week’s episode had the ladies back in Atlanta after their drama-filled trip in Africa.  Ms. Sheree “I have my Gucci bags and my dirt lot to keep me company” Whitfield comes back dishing all the tea and her tea is anything but sweet.  She informs Kim that Kandi was talking trash about how she could not see Kim holding “black babies.”  When they showed the flashback clip of the conversation Sheree is referring to, Kandi clearly does not say anything about Kim not wanting to hold a black baby.  Kim being naive believes everything Sheree tells her without even hearing Kandi’s side of the story.  (Just to remind you, about two or three seasons ago Sheree was trying to pull Kim’s wig off her head. Now they are best friends.)  But let’s keep it real, Sheree knows who butters her bread and that person is Bravo.  Sheree is trying to keep up the drama because she is not trying to get Deshawn Snowed (Remember her? If not, look at Season 1 line-up).  You all saw that dirt lot, Sheree cannot afford to get kicked off this show.

Something else that has happen is Nene’s  son, Bryson, went to jail for stealing razors from Wal-Mart (Two $14 razors to be exact).  These women, particularly Nene and Sheree, are not shy about talking about all their name brand clothes and handbags.  So it is hard for me to understand why Nene’s son shoplifted something so simple.  Razors? Really?! Bryson, I could have given you some change on a razor and I do not even get “Trump Checks.”  I agree with Nene, she should have left him in jail for the full 30 days.  By the way, I like Nene’s motherly side. 

Now let’s get to Cynthia.  I am really on the fence when it comes to Cynthia.  Cynthia is missing something…..ummmm, oh yea, a backbone.  Now I believe that you are suppose to respect your husband as head of household but when he convinces you to give him $1,000 of your own money so you can impress the guests who are going to be at the party that is where you should draw the line.  Peter going to have him and Cynthia in the poor house trying to impress the “socialites” aka posers of Atlanta.  And also, who throws a big fancy party for a ONE year anniversary.  Peter and Cynthia should have went to Red Lobster and called it a night.  After he spends all her money that is the only “fancy” restaurant they are going to be able to afford.  And how he called Mallory out at the party was so childish.  Peter needs a dose of “grow-up.”  I need Mallory to get her nose out of Cynthia’s marriage and let her [Cynthia] realize on her own that she has married a hot mess. 

Okay, guys I that was my recap of just some of the highlights of RHOA.  Stay tuned because I am sure that these ladies are going to give me more material to write on. 

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  1. I agree with what you said. Here is my recap:

    Sheree should turn that lot into a cemetary and partner with Phaedra that way she can stop looking so stupid running after Bob begging for money that she's not getting.

    Kim: WHo!?

    Nene: I think that her son is too old to be doing some of the things he is doing. I agree with the tough love tactics but wonder if it's too late...

    Cynthia: I feel as if she should've never married Peter, since she did say for better or worse I understand her sticking by him, but not upholding him nor enabling him. Mallory is doing what any sibling would do and protect their brother/sister I definitely understand.