Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#WCW: Tracee Ellis Ross

Girlfriends was the best. TV show. ever. We had the opportunity to watch four beautiful, intelligent black women on TV that were not snapping their fingers, rolling their necks, and dropping off the last constants on their words.  They were funny and showed us that life can suck sometimes but it's okay as long as you have your Girlfriends (sorry for that corny line). 

But what really made me love this show was the fantastic Tracee Ellis Ross.  I always gravitated towards Ross' character, Joan Clayton.  First of all, the lady was freakin' hilarious.  For as long as I live I will never forget the line "I can't be whatever I want! Can I be a couch?!"  My 8th grade self laughed at that line for a solid hour.

I felt her character and I had so much in common: grew up only children, could be overly anxious, and we both love themes (remember her Cinco de Mayo song?).  She was a rock for her girls (She could have claimed Lynn as a dependent on her taxes).  She was a beast of a lawyer and blew me away when she quick her job and opened her own night spot, The J Spot.  She was eccentric but she owned it.

I didn't only gravitate towards her personality but I LOVED her style.  I would watch every episode and study her house and her clothes.  She looked flawless in everything she wore.  I wanted to submerge myself in her closet and burn every print and fabric to my memory so I could do my own version of her wardrobe.   She is the reason I started wearing black nail polish.  And don't get me started on her house.  Tell me you didn't want your first house to look like her's?  It was so slick and chic.  Her house was the definition of the single, independent woman.

However, my admiration for her goes beyond her talent on the screen.  Tracee's unique beauty is what stands out most for me.  As a young, dark skinned girl, I didn't have a variety of women to look up to when flipping through the channels or the pages of a magazine.  Watching Tracee with her unique beauty features (stunning big eyes and curvy shape) made me want to embrace my own unique features.  Let's not forget to mention her hair.  There is no telling how many women she has inspired to take the BIG CHOP because of her impressive jet black locks.  I see pictures of her and I just want to melt.  No hate here, she is gorgeous.

Yet, she is more than her looks.  I'm convinced that Ms. Ross sweats confidence.  Don't believe me? Watch her in an interview.  I don't believe the woman has ever heard the word nervous.  She jumps right in and makes you interested in whatever she is interested in.  She could be talking about trash bags and her enthusiasm will make me want to buy and wear those trash bags.

Some might say "Well, she is the daughter of the diva, Diana Ross."  Yet and still, that's what makes her even more intriguing to me.  Most women might feel they wouldn't be able to come out from under the shadow of their uber famous mother, but Tracee has so much love for her.  When she was doing a taping of Watch What Happens Live she was excited to talk about Ms. Diana.  Even on Twitter she's constantly gives her mother shoutouts.  Famous or not famous, she understands you only get one mama.

By now, you have realized that I love me some Tracee Ellis Ross (but not in a standing outside her window type way).  I don't do #WCW often but Tracee gets the honor this week.  Her talent, confidence, humor, style, beauty, and love for her mama wins her the title.

Are you as infatuated with Ms. Ross as I am?


  1. Great #WCW. Although, I'm not as crushed out as you are... I do like her. I loved the Girlfriends show as well. She is very confident and I love that. Oh, and I love that picture of her and her mother... just beautiful.


  2. Yes, all of this. And, a "Girlfriends" movie would be appropriate.