Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Last night I watched Catfish for the first time in a year.  This has to be the most absurd reality show on television.  In 2013 with access to Google, Skype, and Facetime, it is hard for me to believe there is even a need for this show.  Like seriously, how are people still getting tricked in online relationships?

This past week we met Keyonna (spell check).  Homegirl thinks she online dating Bow Wow.  If you think you read that last line wrong, you didn't.  She thought she was talking to Bow Wow aka Lil Bow Wow aka Shad Moss aka Mr. 106 & Park. And apparently "Bow Wow" was sending homegirl money; $10,000 to be exact.  Then when they finally meet "Bow Wow" it is some girl named Dee Pimping that looks like a boy but not Mr. Moss.  And Dee didn't have NO remorse about what she did.  She at ease talking about how she turns out straight girls.  Nev and his personal camera man start asking her how she is able to send Keyonna all this money.  Dee tells them that she borrows the money from family and friends.  If "family and friends" means drug customers than yea, okay I believe her (or him).  Catfish and MTV get a huge side eye for this episode and this show as a whole.

I think I have blogged about this before but what is the point of Catfish?  Why does Nev have a job googling other people's love interests?  Let's break this down: Person A talks to Person B over the internet for 2 or more years.  Person A only gets 2 photos of Person B within that 2 years that obviously look like they were stolen from a professional website.  Person B will not Skype or facetime with Person A.  Nev talks to Person B for 10 minutes and gets them to meet Person A. Stevie Wonder could see something ain't right. 

I cannot take Catfish seriously.  And I will not take anybody seriously that makes the decision to go on that show.  If you fall for someone you have only texted (Facebook chat at the most) then you deserve that " swimsuit model"  to really be a man who is living in his mom's basement.  Let's not be stupid, people.  Do your research before you let your heart get involved.  If after talking to someone for a month they refuse to meet you in a public place, this should ring all the alarms.    It's not rocket science, it is simply common sense.

What are your feelings about Catfish?

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