Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 Ealier today  I watched the interview between Lil Mama and DJ Charlamagne from The Breakfast Club Radio Show in New York.  On the radio show DJ Charlamagne called Lil Mama out for having in an "old looking" face and the "Jay-Z and Alicia Keys MTV Awards" stunt.  *Side Note: DJ Charlamagne is not even a little attractive.  To check out the interview you can click on this link Lil Mama Interview.  Lil Mama gets two snaps up (in my Men on Film voice, In Living Color refrence for those of you wondering where that came from) for keeping her composure and holding her ground.  She gave a perfect example of how to deal with ignorance. 

That leads me to the main purpose of post: there is nothing bold or funny about being out right rude to people.  The sad thing is this is becoming more acceptable in our society.  If you watch the interview DJ Envy basically tells Lil Mama prepare to be disrespected.  At no time did the other DJs on the show defend or stop Charlamagne for disrespecting this young woman but thought it was fine (and we wonder why suicide among young women is high).  Mind you that one of the DJs on this show is a woman.  

Now we can expect to see people being rude to celebrities, but regular people do it all the time to each other.  I hate this phrase "I'm not rude, I'm real."  If your words hurt other people, you are rude.  There is a scripture in the Bible (and I apologize for not knowing the exact book, chapter, and verse) that says the tongue is like a sword.  The scripture is saying that the tongue can cut like a sword and harm those we are addressing.  Even when we are being funny, we can be seriously hurting someone.  What I hate most is unnecessary rudeness.  What is the point of DJ Charlamagne telling Lil Mama that she has an "old-looking" face?  What was gained out of that? 

There is an old saying that says "If you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  There are some people out there that needs to get this tattooed to their body so they are repeatedly reminded to follow that rule.  I have cracked a joke or two in my past but I hope that I have never made anyone feel less than human. 

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