Monday, October 10, 2011


I HAVE to write about last week's episode of Glee "Asian F".  It was so good!  It had some of my favorite songs, a part from my favorite movie and we got to see a new side of Mike Chang.

RUN THE WORLD: Who run the world? BRITTANY!! So Brittany has decided to run for student council president and for those who watch the show regularly probably laughed at the idea.  But Brittany performed Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce and showed Kurt, her opponent, that she is truly a contender.  Brittany is the best girl dancer on the show (she use to dance back up for Beyonce).  I love it whenever she has a solo performance.  She seriously makes me want to start taking up dance again.  But not only did Brittany kill, but the rest of the girls that were a part of the performance did a killer job too! It was a very energetic performance

DREAMGIRLS ON GLEE:  If you know me, you know that Dreamgirls is in my top 5 musical movies (right after Footlose, the 80's version).  So when Glee did "It's All Over" I almost fell out my chair.  That song and "And I'm Telling You" is the reason why I became a huge fan of Jennifer Hudson.  And I'm pretty sure that if Jennifer Hudson did not get the role, Amber Riley would have been runner up.  She is Effie White on Glee, under appreciated.  I am proud of her for standing up for herself and not being second best to Rachel Berry (by the way, I'm so over her over the top performances.  Seriously, every time she sings I get on twitter until she's done with her 10 minute Broadway ballad.)  I get so tired of Mercedes having to share the spotlight.  Honestly, it would have been cool to see a black Maria (I would go see it.)  Also, I think Mercedes is pregnant.

MIKE FREAKIN' CHANG: So we finally get to see who Mike Chang really is.  I'm ecstatic  how we are getting to see another side of the characters (For awhile it was the Kurt, Quinn, Rachel, and Finn show).  We all know that Mike is the best dancer on the show and Tina's boyfriend but that was as far as his character went.  We are now seeing that his dream is to be an artist.  But like the typical Asian parents we see on all TV shows, his dad wants him to go to an Ivy League School and be a doctor or a lawyer.  Also typical, Mike chose instead to try out for the school musical, West Side Story, and follow his dream. 

Asian F gets an Ebony A+ (sorry for being so corny).  The storyline was good and fresh.  It's always a good episode when the show explores other characters on the show (I love Sue but I get T-I-RED of seeing her trying to destroy the New Directions every week).  I think the next new episode is November 1st but I'm so ready to see it mostly to find out if my prediction is right about Mercedes being pregnant. 

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