Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The title of this post is actually a trending topic on Twitter today.  Troy Davis was convicted in 1989 for shooting and killing an Georgia off-duty officer.  The gun was not found but the bullets that were recovered were found to be shot from the same pistol that was shot by Davis in another charge.  There were 10 witnesses that claimed that they saw Davis shoot the officer.  Later on 8 witnesses recanted their testimonies, saying they were coerced by officers to convict Davis.  Davis still claims that he is innocent.  His execution is scheduled for today (Sept 21) at 7pm.

I am not writing this post to make a claim that he is innocent.  When I first started this blog I promised myself I would never write a post on a high controversy issue unless it was a story I had followed or I knew all the facts involved (hence why I did not write a post on the Casey Anthony Trail).  I am not a journalist major but I know the importance of writing with accurate facts.  So I will not go into detail about his case and how the evidence and witness accounts have been shady.  But what I want to write about is how a death penalty law should not exist when a flawed justice system does exist. 

There are a lot of gray areas in Troy Davis' case.  I have read that the actual gun was not found.  I always thought that if the murder weapon was not found the prosecutor did not have a hard case.  But yet in this case a potential innocent man will die tonight without a murder weapon being present.  I stated before that 8 of the 10 witnesses have recanted their stories.  One witness has even named another person to be the killer.  But yet a potential innocent man will die tonight. 

I cannot say this man is innocent nor can I say that he is guilty.  I'm pretty sure the DA cannot say 100% that he believes that Davis did it and because of this doubt he [Troy Davis] should not be receiving the death penalty tonight.  I cannot understand how a man can be put to death with so many gray areas in the case.  Humans are imperfect.  For a second I am going to sound a little preachy.  The Bible says that vengeance belongs to God.  Well if you think about it, it is rightly so that vengeance belongs to Him.  He is perfect, sees all, and knows all.  He does not need DNA evidence or eye witnesses.  When He gets His revenge on the wicked, He will never wrongly convict someone.  Because we [human beings] are imperfect and did not create life, we certainly do not have the authority to take life from someone else, especially when there is doubt behind their crime.

If we ever find out after his execution that Troy Davis was innocent, it will truly hurt my heart.  But for me this case brings me closer to God because He is ultimately my judge, my flawless judge. 

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