Monday, November 21, 2011


Turkey Day is approaching and the next biggest day is approaching as well, BLACK FRIDAY!  This day has been deemed as the biggest shopping day of the year.  This is a time when you can get iPads, flat screens TVs, laptops, etc. for the low low.  People camp outside starting at 10pm the night before to be first to get the lowest deals.  And depending what state you are in you could be camping outside in ice and snow.  As we study the sales paper and make detailed plans of which stores we want to hit at 3am to get that special deal, employees are fighting back about this year’s Black Friday Event.
Instead of opening at 3am or 4am in the morning, some stores have chosen to open at midnight.  There are even some stores opening at 9pm that Thanksgiving night.  Employees are outrage at these opening times.  As someone who has worked in retail before (Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret), Black Friday is no day at the theme park and I truly feel for these workers that will be working on Dooms Day as I prefer to call it.  A Target employee has started an online petition ( urging other retail employees to sign it.   These workers feel as if their holiday is being shortened because of the early opening times. 
As far as I am concerned this whole Black Friday rip off is a mess.  A lot of new channels have done news specials on this particular event and have reported that you can get just as many good deals two weeks after Black Friday as you can on Black Friday.  Also, it’s funny how the people that make the decision about the opening times are not the ones who have to be there.  The Regional Mangers, CEOs, or whoever makes these decisions are really not considering their employees’ family time but thinking about their POCKETS.  As of November 16th, 100,000 people have signed the petition that the Target employee created.  Not being pessimistic but I doubt that this petition is going to change the opening times.  But I hope those of you that read this blog that are planning to participate in Black Friday events will be sympathetic when go shopping.  If they are out of the item you want think twice before you pop off at the mouth at the sales associate; they have probably been there since 9pm the night before.   

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