Monday, December 5, 2011


Have you ever said the words: "Why are men so sex crazed?", "Where are all the good men?".  Or let's not forget this classic: "He's a dog!" We, women, have been using these lines to describe the opposite sex since  our attraction with them began (Even though it has never been recorded I am pretty sure Eve had some choice words for Adam every now and again).  When our delicate hearts are broken we call our girls, order some Chinese take out and have an all out word brawl about the men that we once loved and now despise.  We talk about how he's a liar, cheap, cheater, sex fiend, and any other negative thing we can think of. 

But during this bash session do we ever take responsibility for the role we played.  Singer/songwriter Duffy has a song titled "Hanging On Too Long" Lyrics include (and yes I'm singing it as I type it): "It was just my mistake thinking you cared; My mistake it was false hope thinking we'd last."  Sometimes we get so caught up in what the douche did we forget what we did. 

Emotions can cause temporary blindness.  We do not see the obvious lies.  We act as if we do not see the text from the other girls.  We act as if we do not see his inconsistencies or the other numerous things that made him a "dog".  We turn a blind eye to the disrespectful comments he makes.  And we do all these things for way longer than we should have (in other words, the first time he did these things we should made a dash for the door).  We committed the ultimate relationship crime:  Hanging on Too Long.  When the relationship becomes stressful, painful, or a crime to our self-worth it is time to let go immediately.  We are naturally emotional and forgive way too easy at times.  We are optimistic and like to think that the man will change and be the prince charming that we want him to be.  Too often, the frog never becomes our prince but stays a slimy bloated amphibian.  So instead of calling the girls for that weekly bash session, throw away the Chinese takeout (or keep it, Shrimp fried rice is always good.), put on your big girl panties, and show the dog, frog, or whatever your animal of choice the door.  It might be difficult but your heart will thank you for it later. 

For your listening pleasure, here is the song I referenced in my blog:

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  1. Ebony Marie-rie this is on point. Man believe it or not some of this applies to guys too. I ain't never ordered chinese food or anything like that but we'll say some stuff to our boys. I like this for real.