Monday, June 25, 2012


This past weekend I finally finished my vision board.  Mind you, I bought the poster board and supplies for this project back in January.  The original idea was to make a vision board for 2012 but since we are almost half way through this year, I made a vision board of the things I want to do by the end of the year and other things that inspire me.

While going through Ebony and Glamour magazines to find pictures to cut out, I found a picture of Maya Angelou and I immediately cut it out.  She had to go on my vision board.  The summer of 2008 included an exlusive summer reading list of Maya Angelou books.  Her autobiography impressed me.  The life she led was amazing and she is also why I have started writing again.  Now I know that my writing will probably never amount to what she has done but she inspires me to find a way to put some of my deepest feelings into words in a way that most people can relate to.  I am not sure if it will happen before the end of 2012 but I hope to meet and ask her advice for someone that is serious about writing and pick her brain about how she feels about the present state of women. 

Something else I am inspired by is fashion.  I cannot tell you what was on this past spring's fashion runway but I do love fashion.  Basically because this is the utmost way to show off your personality.  This is a way to introduce yourself to someone before ever opening your mouth.  And I cannot get enought of bright colors, belts, big earrings, and wedges.  I have seriously enjoyed putting together outfits that express who I am.  I like to think I am upbeat, unique, and out going.  I want my wardrobe to say the same thing. 

Last but most certainly not least, I am inspired by my spirituality.  Some of you may know that I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses.  This past April 15, 2012 I was baptized and it will not be a day that I will forget.  It was the day that disowned myself and said that I would live my life for Jehovah God.  It is not always easy but it is most certainly worth it.  My spiritual beliefs have inspired the rest of my life including who I date (1 Corthians 7:39), how I spend my money (Matthew 6:19-21), and who I choose as close associates (1Corthians 15:33).  I am greatful to have Jehovah guiding my life. 

If you have not, create a vision board.  It is relaxing and it reminds you about things that maybe you have forgotten about yourself

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My vision board!!!

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