Thursday, June 7, 2012


I want to start this post off by saying I apologize about being away for so long.  And I want to thank you if you watched the first episode of Through EBONY Eyes on YouTube.  Because of technical difficulties we have not been able to put up another episode but will be posting another episode hopefully soon. 

With that said, on to the main point of this post.  Sherri Shepherd, co-host on The View, was bullied on Twitter.  After someone tweeted Ms. Sherri that she should be dragged in a back alley and raped, she tweeted that she would be pressing charges against this person.  She then talked about online bullying and taking a stand.  Even though some have expressed on Twitter that she is blowing it out of proportion, I support Ms. Sherri Shepherd for standing up against online bullying.

Bullying has certainly been taken to another level since bullies (cowards) have taken their antics to the web.  Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, bullying took place at school on the playground.  Even though this was not right, at least the child was able to go home and escape it.  Now with Facebook and Twitter, children and teens continue to be bully long after the last school bell has rung.  We now frequently hear stories in the news about bullied victims committing suicide or victims taking vengeance into their own hand which at time results in homicie.  Some states have even taken steps to change the laws concerning on-line bullying.  But regardless of the laws, we must take a stand against online bullying and this is what Sherri Shepherd doing.

There is a saying that goes “You don’t believe fat meat is greasy.”  Well, Sherri is showing the grease.  By taking a stand and getting the law involved she is making an example out of this person that you cannot just tweet people whatever and not suffer consequences.  When it comes to posting statuses and tweets, people always think of freedom of speech.  But freedom of speech does not include making threats or repeatedly attacking any one person. 

If this person is charged I think it will make people think twice before threatening someone online.  In order to show that online bullying is a problem, we cannot just keep ignoring it.  Sherri, I salute you for taking this step.

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