Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey everybody!! I had to give you all one more post before the end of the year.  This has been a good year for me and the blog.  I was published in the Sync, a weekly newsletter in central Arkansas, and started doing videos.  There has been some setbacks (my horrible internet connection making interviews over oovoo impossible) but I know in 2013 I plan to continue to take the blog to a next level.  In this post I want to talk about some random things that gave me life in 2012:
  1. Got 2B Real If you have never seen this Youtube series you are seriously missing out. Patti LaHelle is the creator of this hilarious shady reality show. Ms. LaHelle has copied and paste interviews of Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Beyonce, Dionne Warrick, and the late-great Whitney Houston and turned them into Divas who come at each other with much force. The shade in these videos will have you in tears. You will find lines like "Aretha, I know you single and ready for a pringle" and "Ooooo na na, what's your name?" Unfortunately, this series will be coming to an end but you can always watch the videos of on Youtube. Be sure to tune in and try to catch the shade.
  2. The Skorpion Show This past year I have fallen in love with another Youtube show called The Skorpion Show. This show is hosted by the hilarious Kevin Simmons and Makael Mclendon. If you are looking for funny commentary on movies, music, and current movies you need to tune into these guys weekly. I truly get my life when I hear these guys go in on rappers, singers, and especially the ladies of reality TV. I do not understand why they have not been picked up by a major network yet. I mean these guys are really funny. If you want to hear the latest about Beyonce or who has the number one album be sure to search The Skorpion Show on Youtube and subscribe.
  3. Glamour This has become one of my fav magazines. Glamour is not just another magazine to get make-up tips, but a magazine that makes you proud to be a woman. I started reading Glamour last year but I really started make sure I got each month's issue this year. What I like most about the magazine is that is not just about showcasing skinny white women but they explore the lives of all women of various backgrounds. I enjoy their Women of Year issue where they highlighted women around the country that are doing awesome things. This year they highlighted athletes from the U.S. Olympics team, clothing designers, and architecs. Another thing that nailed it for me was when Glamour said they are going to calm down on their photoshopping of the models in their magazine. Glamour has gained a faithful reader in me.
  4. Pinterest Like everyone else, I have become obsessed with arts & craft, unique recipes, and making my own home decor. If you have ever been on this website you know that you can easily spend hours on this site pinning for multiple boards. What I like about Pinterest is that it brings out the creativity in a person. What I do not like about this site is that some of projects are misleading and have you think that they can be easily done. Believe me, that is not the case. I did a project where I had to melt crayons on a canvas and lets just say that I had melted crayon all over the kitchen counter and little of it on the canvas.
  5. My mom Unfortunately, my mom's cancer took a turn for the worse this year. She has become weak but her faith is stronger than ever. I was really afraid that my mom would not make it through the year but she is still holding on. Even though she cannot always get out the bed she finds enough energy to talk to her loved ones each day. I am always told that I am handling her condition well. But it is because she taught me not to be depressed about her cancer but to enjoy the time that I have left with her. She has taught me to be strong in the darkest situations and hope to carry that lesson into 2013.

I hope I have brought something interesting to you this year. And I want you to know that I have enjoyed bringing you my twist on different subjects with each post. I want to continue to bring you interesting subjects and grow this blog. Thank you to the readers that RT my tweets and like my post on Facebook. It is all appreciated. Do not be afraid to give me feedback on the blog and tell me things you would like to see. Again, I thank you and hope you have a great 2013!!!

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