Friday, January 18, 2013


Hey everybody!!! First blog of 2013!  I was waiting to make a post because I wanted the first post of this year is to be something interesting.  So I am opening up the first post of 2013 about the new MTV show Catfish and Beyonce vs. the people. 

Catfish started off as a documentary about this guy who found out the girl he had been talking to on Facebook was lying about her identity.  Like for real, this lady created this whole other universe that only she lived in and had this guy in love with her.  Well, Nev (the guy who got punked) has started a TV show based on the documentary that is also titled Catfish.  Nev helps others connect with their Facebook lovers.  My major drawback with this show is that I feel that every person that is on the other side of the Facebook pic is lying about....everything. 

I could do this guy's job
The first story I watched  included a girl who had fallen in love with a guy over Facebook who claimed to be a model, cue card writer, and going to online school to be an anesthesiologist.  And this girl needed Nev to come and tell her that this guy was totally bogus.  Not only that, it took 40 minutes to find out this guy (who actually was a girl) was bogus.  I could have told homegirl in 5 minutes dude/girl was a hot mess.  And that is basically every episode: people have been dating crazies on Facebook for a year or more without seeing each other and then meet and then the crazie was not who they said they were.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a real show... that is 10 years too late.  Have not talk shows and news shows not warned us about this a million times.  Honestly, I only watch the last 10 minutes of this show to see the face of the crazie.  I do not need to watch Nev google somebody for 30 minutes.

America is bored.  I know this because they are creating these crazy petitions and sending them to the White House.  A recent petition created by health advocates is trying to ban Beyonce from singing the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration.  They feel she is not setting a good example of good health since she signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi.  As I stated in an earlier post, I am Beyonce's biggest hater/fan but I am with Bey on this one.  The last time I checked Beyonce is not a health advocate but a business woman.  Now if Beyonce was making Health PSAs all willy nilly then I would be like ok, how dare she! but yea, Beyonce is not making PSAs.  So America please, find something else to do and leave performers of the Inauguration alone. 

Even Beyonce had to laugh at that one

I hope you enjoy this first post of 2013 and I look forward to bring it to you guys this year!!!

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