Friday, March 8, 2013


Hey everybody!! The last few days I have been able to catch up on shows that I missed throughout the week.  One of the shows that I got caught up on was Law & Order:SVU.  Usually, I am on the edge of my seat watching this show but this episode I had to side eye it with all the energy I could muster up in my soul. 

I am aware that the Law & Order series get their scripts from real newspaper headlines, but not only was this episode obvious taken from the real life situation of pop stars Rihanna and Chris Brown and my I add, poorly written. 

First let's talk about the slang.  Beef cookie?  Is this what the youth are saying?  And what exactly is a "beef cookie"?  Oh, let's not forget the golden line "Get me my jew" where Caleb Bryant (the faux Chris Brown) is referring to his lawyer.  I do not have my own personal lawyer but I was not aware that that was the slang term for them.  Dear writers of SVU, please hang with black youth the next time you are going to write dialogue for them.  Yours truly, EBONY Eyes.

Besides the horrendous slang, the plot follows the Rihanna/Chris Brown antics to a tee: Micha (the faux Rihanna) going back to the abusive boyfriend, Micha and Caleb disregarding the restraining order, Caleb making a public apology for his actions to save his representation.  But then the story has Caleb (the faux Chris Brown) killing people!! I get this is a dramatic show but taking a real story and portraying the main character (who is representing a real well-known person) as a murder is pushing it a bit much, right?

I get it, SVU. You are trying to teach young women what happens when you stay in an abusive relationship.  I get it and I respect it.  But having Caleb kill Brass (the faux Jay-Z) is really reaching.  I will also admit that Chris Brown has not done a good job of ridding himself of a violent image but SVU had Caleb Bryant tattooing Micha's beaten face on his lower stomach.  Do the writers always let their imaginations run wild when they use these real headlines?  I just want to know. 

Besides this copy-cat storyline being 4 years too late, it was an interesting episode.  With the very dramatic storyline and poorly written script, it still provided an important lesson:  if you are in an abusive relationship get out as soon as you can. And I strongly agree with that lesson.  No woman deserves to be beaten and men should pay for their actions regardless of their social status. 

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