Monday, May 12, 2014

Solange Knowles Goes HAM on Jay Z

This week we were given an inside look to pop culture's most popular private couple.  TMZ released video of Solange Knowles going to town on Jay Z.  When I saw the headline I could not believe it.  But even on the black and white footage, you can make out it's Solange, Jay Z, and Beyonce.

So let's get to the nitty gritty:

Solange got on the elevator ready to throw hands.  Even though we did not have sound we know that Solange was dropping all types of MFers, B-words, N-words, and everything else but a child of God.  Then we see Solange hands and feet come across that elevator ready to cause damage to Jay.  Them long legs were making all the contact with Jay Z's cocain white suite.  And honey, Solange is strong.  Poor Julius (Beyonce's bodyguard) was using every strength in his body to hold her back.

The Infamous footage

What really had me cackling was Beyonce.  Beyonce not ONCE got in the middle of it.  She got in the corner of the elevator and was in spectator mode.  You would have thought she was watching strangers fight.  When they got out of the elevator, Beyonce walked out of the Gala like she didn't just see her sister mollywhop her husband.  Beyonce has 99 problems but blocking her sister's blows to husband's head is not one.  Once outside, Beyonce and Solange got in one car while Jay left in another.

But on the real, I would give my right pinkie toe to hear the audio on that video.  Can you imagine the tea that was spilled in that elevator?  What did Jay Z say to get Solange that hype?  You don't fight in a $5,000 dress for no reason.  Here are some of my theories:

  • He mocked her for always wearing 3 patterns at one time
  • He told her she looked ridiculous for wearing those box braids to the 2012 BET Awards before they were popular again
  • He asked her when was the last time she was on the Billboard charts
  • He told her that the movie Bring It On Again was a bad move
  • He told her that he wasn't buying Solange's multi-color Pumas for Blue Ivy
  • He told Solange she is not allowed to dress Blue Ivy because toddlers shouldn't be wearing more than 4 colors at any given time
Whatever caused the outburst, I have to give Jay Z his props.  He did not retaliate.  It takes a big man to not hit back when somebody is going Jackie Chan on your $3,000 tux.  I can only imagine that conversation between Jay and Bey that night.  I wish I could be the fly on the wall at the Carters residence.  And you know the Beyonce's PR team is getting overtime this week.  Either that or Beyonce won't be doing interviews until 2016.

What a way to begin the week.  What are some of your theories on what started the scrap?

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  1. Yes this is something! See you are making me want to make a video saying the jokes and showing pictures. She went "finish him" and kicked his butt. I do wonder why. I wonder if the tweet was true saying that Jay hit Bey.If not something else must of set her off.