Sunday, September 11, 2011


I know it has been awhile since my last post but thanks to one of my followers I have an interesting idea for a post.  This past weekend my girls and I went bra shopping.  And believe me this trip was long over due.  As embarrasing as it is to admit, the bras I had been wearing I've had for years.  They were worn, stretched to the max, and barely holding anything up.  My bras were a disgrace to bras everywhere.  Victoria's Secret would have wanted me commited for the condition of my bras. 

In my new bra!!!

So as I said this trip was long over due.  My girls (not the girls on my chest) and I ended up at Lane Bryant, the thick girl's heaven.  As an unofficial spoke person of Lane Bryant, if you are a 38 C or above this is the store for you.  The associates were freaking awesome!  They sized my friend and I and both of us were in the wrong size, not uncommon for women who are not sized often.  But yeah, I was waaaaaaaay off concerning my bra size.  Thanks to the associates not only did I get my right size but they also told me what category of bras were right for me.  Unfortunately, Lane Bryant associates do not get commision but if they did, I would have made sure that the women that helped me would have gotten their full commision. 

I did not realize that a bra can really make you feel like a brand new woman.  My posture is better, the girls (the ones on my chest) are no longer sitting on my knees, and I feel so much more sophisticated.  For me this is a start of my new womanhood.  Before it was nothing for me to go to Walmart and throw a bra in the basket along with my debbie snack cakes, toothe paste, Doritos, and Hawiian Punch.  Nothing against Walmart, but it is time that I go to real bra stores for the ta-tas.   As a young professional woman, it is time that I start looking for quality not just in bras, but in all aspects of my life.  It hit me that it is time that I update my style, not to be concerned about the current styles but to more of a classic timeless look.  Stores like Rue 21, Forever 21, Rainbow, and Citi Trendz cannot make up most of the clothes in my closet if I am looking for a timeless style or wanting to be taken serious as a professional woman. 

This bra has also reminded me how fun it is to be a woman.  Later on that day, we decided that it was time to maybe update our other personals: panties.  This turned into an hour laugh session about granny panties, thongs, and other coversations that should probably be had in the privacy of your home and not a public place.  This was another reminder of my new womanhood.  I do not want to sound old but as you grow as woman you worry less about cute panties and more about comfort.  Are this panties going to give me a wedgie? Are my panty lines going to show? Should I get the hi-cut briefs over the string bikinis?

Sometimes I cringe about getting older but other days I truly embrace it (yea I know, I'm only 23).  I love this new womanhood hood and I love what it is going to offer me in the future  (maybe pregnacy, but not looking forward to the change).  If you have chance to go bra shopping (not a Walmart) do it and you will find your new womanhood too. 

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