Saturday, September 17, 2011


Once upon a time, there was this girl who attended an university.  She worked hard in her classes and was friendly to everyone that she met.  She was not the most popular girl but she was not concerned with that.  Giving an earnest effort in her classes and being true to herself meant more to her than popularity. 
During her sophomore year she decided that she wanted to be a part of a sorority.  Even though she did not know anybody personally in a sorority she had heard good things about women who joined them.  That these woman put emphasis on their education, worked hard to make a positive impact on their campus and in their community, and had high standards when it came to the subject manner of womanhood.  This impressed the girl because she also valued her education and wanted to make an impact on others.She find out, though, that it took more than being a good  person to be Greek.
As said before she did not know any Greeks personally.  So she did not know the "not on the sorority's website" rules.  She had to learn these "rules" from other friends.  She made sure to be discreet and not to go around telling people that she wanted to be an AKA.  She made sure that she went to their programs and got involved in other campus activities.   And she did what she thought was most important and that was to keep a good GPA, which was a 3.0.  (By the way, she kept this GPA all 4 years of college and was even on the Dean's List.) But this would still not be enough.
She would be rejected not once, but twice, from this organization.  Each time wondering why she was not good enough for their organization.  (She would realize later that it was their lost, not hers.)  As far as she knew she had follow their "rules".  But in actuality she did not follow all their rules. 
The first rule she broke was not looking the part.  Even though this girl was not popular, the last thing she had was low  self-esteem, nor was she coming to them seeking self-esteem.  It didn't bother her that she was not considered the prettiest girl on campus.  She knew she was beautiful because she was made in God's image and no sorority could tell her different.  Second rule was that she was not popular or known by a lot of people.  When this girl came to college the last thing on her "to do before I graduate from college" list was to be popular.  That had not even been a priority when she was in high school.  She was more interested in learning to be a grown woman.  Lastly the most important "rule" she broke was she did not kiss behind, stroke egos, or make these women feel like royalty. She did not want anything that bad. 
The only thing this girl regrets is that she was interested at all in an organization with such juvenile rules.  By them not picking her she has something more valuable than their membership: she has her dignity.  She has this because she refused to play by the rules and chose to instead play by her own rules.  If she had the time, she would actually write a letter to these "women" and tell them thank you for not picking her.  It seemed to be these "women" still had a great deal to learn about womanhood.  The girl can only hope that that these women learn to see someone not only from their outer appearance but learn to see someone for their character.
By the way, this is a true story. 


  1. This is a VERY true story auntie! I love it because this is really how they want the girls to be before they are accepted into these sororities! Its sad but its very rare you see a true bond/sisterhood in the girls who are in the sorority now days. Its more of popularity and like you said "Kissng ass" that gets you pick. I didn't join or pledge for a sorority BUT its clear to see who is going to cross based on what girls migrate to the current group of girls who are currently in the chapter. If the girls in your blog really wants to be in the sorority she still has grad chapter she can pledge for and maybe she will find that that is a better fit for her anyway!

  2. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, I find this blog post sad. It takes far more than a "good" GPA (Let's be real, a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is barely a "B") and attending our events to be a member of our illustrious sisterhood. The reality is that when you seek membership, you are competing against women that may not only have a better GPA than you but they probably had more community service hours and they probably had solid reputations within the campus community. Think outside the box. It's very easy to say, "AKA didn't pick me because I wasn't pretty enough" or "I didn't fit their image". We have Sorors from all walks of life, all colors of the rainbow and yes...all sizes. I don't know why my Sorors didn't select you BUT I do know that we don't base membership on something as shallow as looks. Writing a post such as this makes you appear jaded and bitter. I pray you get over it because this is not a good look.

    Best regards,

    1. Ms. PrettyGirl1908

      I can understand how you might see this story as me being bitter and jaded. And if I was only concerned about myself not making it then yea, this post could come off as bitter and jaded. But your "illustrious" sisters made it very clear that they did not pick a girl because of her physical disabiliy and their own advisor quit because she could not stand the attitude of the the girls in the chapter. And also, Ms. PrettyGirl1908, I want you to know that I have gotten over it because some of your own sisters have told me that I didnt miss out on much.

      Thanks for reading :)