Monday, May 7, 2012


I am excited to announce that EBONY Eyes will be taking on a new venture: YouTube!  This is something that I have wanted to do for awhile.  My blog has been a creative outlet for me and I am ready to take it to another level.  Lately, I have been watching a popular YouTube show and it has inspired to do more than just write. This show will talk about entertainment, music, and other current events. 

I am also going to have co-hosts to help me discuss different topics.  The co-hosts will be Alton Young, Morgan Dickerson, and Billy Cordell Pigge.  I met them in college and they all will bring something different to the table.  I picked them because I knew they would give their honest opinions about whatever topic we are talking about and there will be laughs along the way. 

Before the first episode I want to introduce you to the co-hosts of Through EBONY Eyes:

Ebony Marie-Re  You have learned a lot about me through my posts.  I’m obsessed with Real Housewives of Atlanta and all other things entertainment.  I am also a huge advocate for women having healthy, positive body images regardless of shape, size, or color.  Through my blog and new YouTube show I hope to continue to be a spokesperson for the thicker women and the love we need to have for ourselves.  I am originally from Jacksonville, AR and now currently living in Maumelle, AR.  A dream of mine is to one day open my own catering business that will specialize in catering small, intimate events. 

Alton Young  Alton is a native of  Oceola, AR and relocated to Conway, AR about 6 years ago.  He is a lover of music and manages a contemporary gospel group by the name of Extol.  Management of Extol is one of many things that he does under the umbrella of YellaDuck Entertainment, a business he started in 2009.  Alton also loves to laugh, cook/grill, and take road trips. 

Morgan Dickerson Morgan is 26 from Crossett, AR.  She graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a BS in Sociology and is currently working on her Masters of Arts in Teaching.  She loves all things entertainment-music, movies, television, fashion, and more. "I should be running an entertainment blog but I rather teach the future of tomorrow about American History!" says Morgan. 
Billy Cordell Pigge  Cordell was born and raised in Little Rock, AR.  He is the youngest of five kids and 2012 graduate from the University of Central Arkansas.  He keeps it real at all times and loves to express his feelings.  Cordell says that he has learned to find the good in everyone and everything and one thing he is not is judgmental.

I will continue to write posts and post episodes to my blog.  Thank you to all who have followed and read my blog this past year.  I truly appreciate all of you and hope you stay tuned for the YouTube series!   Remember to follow me on twitter, @EbonyMarieRe

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