Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hey everybody!! I went back and forth about writing yet another post about Chris Brown and his unfortunate events. But because I blog about current events I feel it is my duty to discuss this hot mess.  So apparently, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got to arguing over a parking spot.  Then things escalated and Frank Ocean caught Chris' fist in the face.  By the times the cops got there Chris was gone.  

Now I don't want analyze the events since we don't know all the details.  But one thing about this mishap that made me give a hard side eye was when I heard Brown was possibly going to be charge with a hate crime.  Even though I do not agree with Brown's recent behavior, I really don't feel he has  started targeting gay people.  Honestly, I feel trouble follows him.   He has never been able to shake a really bad mistake he made 4 years ago.  Now let me make it very clear that I do not condone domestic violence in any way but I do not feel he should have to pay for that one behavior for the rest of his life.  He made his public apologies, payed his debt to society, and hey, even Rihanna is over it.

Now with that said I need Chris Brown's team to get on their job.  As of right now, and I think I have said this before, Brown has a lot of "Yes" people in his corner.  In other words, he doesn't have anybody telling him "Hey, just let it go.  You're on probation right now and you do not need the bad press."  Nope.  He has people telling him (in my deep man voice) "Hell yea, I would have hit him in the face over a parking spot too. It's about respect."  Dear Chris, if you happen to stumble upon this blog post please fire those people that are encouraging your bad choices. 

Update: Apparently, Chris posted a picture on Instagram of Jesus Christ on the stake with the caption "Painting how I feel today."  You know what, Brown?  I think this is going to be last post I write on you.  Yes, readers, this will be the last time I report on any of Mr. Brown's foolishness.  If he does not have a new single coming out you will not see his name on this blog. 

And on that note,  I think it's time to end this post.

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