Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey everybody!! Now, you all know that I was going to review the most anticipated half time show in a decade.  And as Beyonce's biggest hater/fan, I would like to give her three snaps and a swirl for that performance.  Some have said that it was the best half time show ever and yea, I am not going to agree with that but it was better then they have been in last few years (Because of Janet's nipple slip, networks have been playing it safe ever since). 

I can't really break this performance down in highs and lows because it was truly good from beginning to end.  I love how she gave us overview of her 16 year career in 12 minutes.  When Bey did the "Uh, oh" part in the Crazy in Love song I seriously almost got up and started dancing myself.  Then the reunion with Destiny Child's was awesome.  I was a huge DC fan back in the day (still am) and so was really excited to see them back on stage together.  That all girl band was killing it.  It really made me wish I still had my saxophone so that I could join the band but I'm not even sure if I could remember the fingering for a G flat.  A Youtube blogger brought it to my attention that King Bey even had thicker girl dancers on stage with her.  As a follow thicker girl, this warmed my heart.  Then she ended the performance beautifully with "Halo".  All in all, she gets an A for this performance.

Now as Beyonce biggest hater/fan you know I had to find something.  Is it just me, or was Kelly and Michelle's mic turned down when they were singing "Single Ladies"?  I'm just saying.  And I also wish that Beyonce would have gave us a preview of a new single from the album she has been working on.  This would have been the perfect occasion for it. 

On another note: apparently, Keisha Cole came for Michelle Williams on Twitter.  Back some time ago, Michelle had some bad words for Keisha and Keisha is still pressed about it.  At this point (mostly because of Chris Brown), I need some of these celebrities to hand their Twitter accounts over to their PR people. 

Oh, I cannot forget that my SISTAH did an awesome job singing with the children chorus of Sandy Hook Elementary.  She did a flawless job but who was doubting that she wouldn't?

For your viewing pleasure here are both J Hud's and Beyonce's performance:

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