Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Hope you had a great weekend! And I also hope you had a great award show Sunday evening! I, for one, love award shows.  I, in particularly, love getting on Twitter during award shows.  There has been times that the commentary on Twitter has been better than the award show itself.  My usual formula for my reviews of award shows is to just to hit the highlights but honestly all I can remember is the drop kick seen around the world.

Picture it, Las Vegas 2013: Miguel takes to the stage to perform his smash hit 'Adorn'.  To be honest, I was not that excited about the performance because I am about sick of this song.  Like seriously, in the past 4 months the radio stations have played this song out of style.  So during the performance I am not all that engaged.  Well, I just happen to look up as Miguel is making a 100 yard dash from one stage to the next.  I was not sure if he was leaping or doing a stage dive feet first.  As he is landing the back of his knee catches a girl in the neck and slams her head on the stage.  And apparently, his crotch catches another girl in the face.  All this happens and Miguel doesn't miss a note!

At this point, I really can't believe what I saw.  But then I get on Twitter and realize that my eyes did not fool me.  Miguel drop kicked someone on live television.  Wow, is all I have to say about that.  Later that night Miguel would tweet that he was caught in the moment and that Khyati (the innocent bystander) was okay.  I'm not really sure why he thought leaping over a huge crowd of people was okay and why he thought doing it in boots with a 3 inch heel was an okay also?

But what really had me cackling was Khyati's homegirl.  For the record, I'm not sure if she was really Khyati's homegirl but if she is Khyati needs to find new friends.  So after Khyati's head is slammed bluntly to the stage, homegirl seems like she is about to help Khyati.  Then she realizes that Miguel is within touching distance, forgets poor Khyati laying on the ground and proceeds to jam with Miguel.  I was done!
Homegirl who left her friend on the floor to jam with Miguel
At this point I'm on the floor of my living room rolling


As uneventful as it was for Khyati, it truly brought some life to this award show that was not that great.  Khyati I hope you got a BC, Advil or something because I know your neck was throbbing this morning.

What did you all think about the show?

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