Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Still hung over from Cinco de Mayo? Well, I hope your Tuesday is not too bad.  Well, today I felt like making a post about loving your body.  I have posted in the past about loving the body you are in and correcting people on how to talk to thicker ladies but I want to send you another reminder about loving every inch of your body.

Ladies,  are in the midst of trying to lose weight?  Do you hate trying to dress for your body?  Do you constantly tear your body down?  Well, my advice to you is stop the frustration, start the love

If you are trying to lose weight and it seems like you are not making the progress you want do not give up.  Women, we have complex bodies and they do not always do what we what them to do.  There are going to be times when you work out and you will not lose a pound.  Do not let that stop your weight lost journey.  It might mean that you need to change up your workout.  And through out your journey continue to love the body you have. 

Do not let your body type defer you from being fashionable!  When I'm feeling down a cute outfit always makes me feel better.  I have never let my size dictate to me a mini shopping spree.  One thing that I do is shop at a store that I know carries my size.  Target, Catos, Ross, Marshalls, and Old Navy all carry plus sizes and they have cute stuff.  Try new colors and cuts of clothing.  You will be surprised by what compliments the full figured body. 

DO NOT dissect and tear your body down.  Ladies, we do this on a regular.  We look in the mirror and start picking a part every inch of our bodies, finding everything that is wrong.  This is what leads to depression and eventually a hate for your body.  Instead, concentrate on the parts of your body that you love and accentuate those parts.  For me, I love my legs so I wear a lot of  skirts, shorts, and short dresses.  What is your fav body part?

I do not care what you look like or what your size is, confidence can take you a long way.  Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do.  No longer let the media or women on magazines dictate your beauty to you. Heck, walk in the room like you are on the cover of a magazine.  And remember, stop the frustration, start the love.

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