Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Hope your Thursday has been great! If you have not heard by now Instagram has video and I, for one, am excited.  Out of all the social networks that I am a part of I will have to say that Instagram is my favorite one.  I enjoy seeing others' lives through photos.  I think it is because I'm such visual person.  Fortunately, I follow some real cool people on Instagram so I am entertained on a daily.  I see vacations, baby photos, dinners, lunches, fashions, and creative memes. 

Today Instagram announced they now have a video option.  You can record up to 15 seconds of video.  I am excited for this new option because I cannot wait to see how creative people get with these 15 seconds. On one hand, I know I am going to see millions of baby first steps or sounds.  I look forward to seeing snippets of concerts and lectures.  But as history has taught us,  foolish people will take something like this to another level.  I can only imagine what the ratchet will do with 15 seconds of video.  Twerking teams? Cussing folks out? 15 second rap demos? People showing off their joint rolling skills? Yep, I can see all that happening. 

I think this is the first time I have looked forward to an app update.  If you have not updated your app yet, you should.  Go head and put up your first video and if you want to follow me on Instagram @ebonymariere.  I will most definitely be using this feature. 

Lets have a moment of silence for Vine.  I never downloaded you but I've heard you were the Instagram for videos.  You will be missed

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