Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thick, Baby! Presents My First Runway Show

Hey everybody!!! I know I am always posting about awards shows, celebrities' foolery, or interviewing others about their life experiences.  Very rarely, do you all get to peek into what I am doing outside of this blog.  Well, I am happy to give you

Thick, Baby!
My First Fashion Show
Posing for my life
That is right, I had the opportunity to grace the runway for the first time! And honey, it was an experience.  I was a guest model for Kurvy Kuties, a full figure entertainment company.  As you all can tell, I am proud of being a full figured woman but I was not sure if I was confident enough to strut down the runway.  I went back and forth for a long time until I finally convinced myself to go to the model call.  When I got the email that I was going to be in the show, I could have hit the floor.  But then I remembered, I have not performed in front of people since high school.  Yall, I felt the butterflies in my stomach and it was still 2 months until the show. 
Me and the other guest models
Now, it wasn't just the getting up in front of people that had me a little nervous but I was going to have to model and dance in 3 inch heels.  The most I do in 3 inch heels is walk from my truck to my desk during the work week.  I do not even go out in the door to door ministry in heels.  Thankfully, we had teachers that taught us how to walk, control our arms, and make fierce poses at the end of the runway.  Honey, those teachers were TOUGH! They basically said that we were going to go hard or go home.  They were not going to let us on stage to embarrass them, honey. 
These Divas were our teachers
But let me tell you, I got ALL my life up there on that stage.  Once, I walked on stage I forgot to be nervous.  I wanted to put on a show for the people who came to see us.  The cool thing about this fashion show was that there was a theme: The Wiz, yes, the urban version of The Wizard of Oz.  In the beginning we opened up doing the munchkin land scene and then me and 4 other fierce women ended the scene with a "Go Hard" dance number to Beyonce's End of Time. 

Then each fashion showcase was from a scene in The Wiz.  I was in the Tin Man, No Bad News, and the Emerald City scene (If you have not seen The Wiz please do so immediately.  It is a classic.).  Our hair and make-up was slaying.  We wore these big dookie braids with a huge afro puff on top (By the way, I'm still wearing mine now.  My coworkers love it!).  I modeled a jewelry line and clothes from Simply Fashions and Rainbow. 

Yall, I am still on a high from the fashion show!  It was the coolest experience I have had thus far.  It was awesome to share an experience like that with other women who are as proud of their bodies as I am.  I cannot explain the feeling I get when I see women who are not afraid to take fashion risk or step outside of the box when it comes to their style.  It is truly inspiring.
Muchkin Land!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Please stay tuned for what else the Thick, Baby! Series has coming up. 

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