Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tweets that Made the Golden Globes Everything

This past Sunday, the 71st Golden Globes put on a great show.  This basically live television party was hosted by the beautiful and funny Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  They started off the show with a hilarious 10 minute dialogue where they cracked jokes on Hollywood’s most talented.  And even with winners ignoring the wrap-up music and the teleprompter making presenters look illiterate, what made my night were a few awesome tweets.

The first tweet I want to address is Gabourey Sidibe.  A huge part of any award show is the red carpet.  The number one question that is asked is “Who are you wearing?”  Celebrities know that regardless of the fact they are a forerunner in their category, if their outfit is not on point they will be torn apart within an inch of their life.   However, the most awesome thing is when you get that celebrity that doesn’t care two craps about what the fashion police say.  When the online community criticized Sidibe, she tweeted the best tweet ever in the existence of Twitter:

Yaaaaaaasssssssssss Gabourey! That’s how you shut your haters down in a 140 characters or less.  As I always say, people are BOLD behind a keyboard.   People love to come for others that don't fit the norm.  Well, guess what Internet thugs?  You will get shut down in 2014.  I understand that everyone has different taste in clothing, but not liking the color of a dress and taking shots at some one's physical appearance are two different things.   Ms. Gabourey is not here for it and will get you together.  Two snaps for Gabourey!

While Sidibe was snatching wigs, another celeb was showing the public how to throw major shade.  Mia Farrow, actress and ex-wife of famous director, Woody Allen, took to Twitter and said a lot without saying much.  Right before the Woody Allen tribute during the Golden Globes, Mia tweeted:

To get you up to speed with why this was the shadiest tweet ever in history, let me give you a short synopsis.  Woody didn't just leave Mia for another woman but left her for their adopted daughter AND he was accused of molesting one of their adopted kids.  To say that the family is not fond of him would be a huge understatement.  His son's, Ronan Farrow, tweet was not as subtle as his mother's:
"Missed the Woody Allen tribute - did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?"
I don't know much about the Farrows but their tweets are everything to me.

Twitter is no longer just a social network where you inform friends and strangers about what you are eating. During an award show, Twitter is like a dinner party without the cocktails but with all the lively chatter.  I live for those who make slip-ups, throw shade, or let it all hang out on Twitter.  It can make any three hour program bearable.

At times, awards shows can lag.  So it's good to have Twitter to liven things up right when you are considering changing the channel.

What did you think of this year's Golden Globes?  Do you enjoy Twitter as much as I do during live events?

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