Sunday, March 9, 2014

Annie is Black: But Is It Going to be Worth the $9
"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya, tomorrow.  You're only a day away."

The first musical I vividly remember watching as a child was Annie.  I remember that my mom rented the VHS (yep, it was the 90's) starring Carol Burnett and Albert Finny with Aileen Quinn playing the title role.  I instantly fell in love with every ounce of this movie.  I roamed our home reenacting every scene from a Hard Knock Life to You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.  I know my mom grew very tired of hearing me sing Tomorrow.  Life got even better when she took me to see the stage play when it came to Little Rock.  It's safe to say that I'm a huge fan of the movie and play.

One day as I was casually scrolling my Newsfeed, I see a trailer titled Annie but it's Quvenzhane Wallis playing the famous, rambunctious orphan.  Are my eyes playing a trick on me?  Nope, this is real.  As I watched the video, I realized that this new version was modernized and it was going to be a bit different from the original.  

Along with Quvenzhane, the remake will also star Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.  Foxx will be a  politician running for Mayor and will use Annie to improve his public image and Diaz will play the infamous Ms. Hannigan.   

Needless to say, the in-the-closet racists took to the Twittersphere and expressed their butt-hurt feelings that the new Annie would not be a red curly hair, white girl.  Because you know Annie was a real person so it has to be played by a white girl with freckles.  No, I kid.  Annie is a fictional character about a orphan so it can be played by any girl of any race.  

However, Annie's nationality is the least of my worries.  We all know that remakes can go one of two ways: either really good or really bad.  The Wiz: really good.  The new Steel Magnolias: really bad.  Diana Ross and Michael Jackson made The Wiz an instant hit while Queen Latifah's southern accent kept leaving and magically appearing throughout Steel Magnolias.  I just don't want to see my beloved musical ripped to shreds.  I hope that the Academy Award nominated Quvenzhane Wallis and the Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx can pull off the iconic roles.  I'm putting the most pressure on these two.

All I want to know is will it be worth my $9?  Will I walk away from this movie wanting my hour and 30 minutes back or will I leave the movie singing Tomorrow (loudly) in the parking lot?  I pray it's the latter.

Are you excited for the Annie remake? Leave a comment below. 

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