Monday, March 31, 2014

People I Love and You Should Love Them Too

As your pop culture guide, I feel obligated to tell you about the coolest people in pop culture.  If you haven't already heard of these great folks be sure to google them as soon as you finish reading this post.

Billy on the Street: Billy Eichner is the host of Funny or Die's Billy on the Street, a pop culture trivia kinda-game show.  Billy approaches random people on the streets of New York and ask them random questions about music and celebrities.  What makes this show so drop dead funny is his approach.  He yells, curse, and insults people and miraculously doesn't get punched in the face.  You might also recognize him from his character Craig, the bipolar office manager, on NBC's Parks and Rec.  He was even nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Best Gameshow Host. Yea, he's something incredible.  Check out the video below to witness all his awesomeness:

Issa Rae: I have talked about Ms. Issa in an earlier post but I had to mention her again (and it probably won't be the last).  Issa Rae is who I want to be when I grow up.  She makes me want to create stuff.  She is a my shero and I wish we were roommates so I could absorb all her coolness.  Issa Rae is the creator of the YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl.  When you watch it you are going to think that she has been secretly taping you all your life. Her show is actually the reason I have become comfortable with my own socially awkward ways.  She has also created other online series including The Choir and Ratchet Piece Theater.  And you most definitely want to watch Ratchet Piece Theater.  She breaks down some of the most ratchet songs and it will have you in tears.  She is also working on a new series for HBO so yea, she kind of a big deal.  Like for real, check her out.

Be Blacker: You might recognize Nicole Byer from Girl Code.  This. girl. is. FUNNY. I saw one of YouTube videos about being black in Hollywood and I laughed for hours.  I have never auditioned for a movie but I believe this is exactly how it would be.  She also works with the YouTube channel UCBComedy with the newest member of SNL, Sasheer Zamata.  What makes me go goo-goo for her is how comfortable she is in her skin.  She seems like the type of person that says whatever is on her mind.  If you don't believe me check her out below:

Emeli Sande: I love good music that comes out of nowhere and that's British Pop Artist, Emeli Sande.  I bought her album end of last year and I'm still listening to it.  It's something about this girl's voice.  She has a song called Where I Sleep and I could let that song rock me to sleep.  I really feel that she is going to be snatching wigs and I can't wait to hear more music from her.

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Did you know that the first craft beer brewers were women?  You can learn this and more by listening to the podcast, Stuff Mom Never Told You hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin.  They talk about everything that concerns women from Beyonce Feminism to the history of women wearing pants.  It blows my mind how knowledgeable they are.  They are walking and talking encyclopedias.  Don't judge an episode by its title.  I just listened to Craft Beer Brewsters and thought it was going to be boring considering the fact I'm not a fan of beer, but it was quite enlightening.

I hope I introduced you to something new and hope you love these folks as much as I do.

Is there something in pop culture you would like me to review? Leave it in the comments.

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