Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hey everybody!!  Atlanta Housewives was crazy this week and as  I told you in the last post, Ms. Moore would give me plenty to write about.  Well, Ms. Moore showed the side of her that needs to be medicated.  Ms. Moore meets with Kandi and Pheadra for lunch (is it just me or do these realty show ladies eat out for all their main meals?).  At the lunch, Kenya tells the girls about the little fiasco at the Jet Beauty auditions that took place at Cynthia's model agency. But the mess didn't end there.  Later on, we see Ms. Moore on a date with Walter (who reminds you of Frank from Moesha).  Walter tells Ms. Moore that he tried to date Kandi.  Then Ms. Moore gets upset that Kandi rejected Walter.  She throws this little fit and then goes to the bathroom.  When she comes back Walter gives her some compliments and she does a 180.  She's all giggles and smiles.  I mean it was really bipolar-ish. 

But the ratchetness continued.  Cynthia throws a women's success party for Nene and invite other successful women in Atlanta to the event.  Two guests in particular on the list confuse me: Kim and Sweety.  What exactly is Kim and Sweety successful at? Marrying a half-way known football player and being an assistant?  But I digress.  Towards the end of the party Cynthia gives a speech about how proud of Nene she was and Ms. Moore mocks her the whole time.  Then out of nowhere Ms. Bipolar, oops I mean Ms. Moore, grabs the mic and starts t give her own little speech.  I admit it was a bit tacky.  Then she has a side conversation with Nene about wanting them to have a clean slate with one another. Apparently, Cynthia has a back bone this season and interrupts this conversation to throw shade at Ms. Moore and her Miss USA title (from the previews a lot of the wives are going to throw shade at that title). 

In other news, the gays love Nene, Kandi is moving in with her man, Pheadra is obsessed with her booty, and Kim is still homeless.  Stay tuned, next week we meet the other new wife, Porsha. 

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