Thursday, November 1, 2012


Lately, a lot of posts have been about controversies, movies, award shows, crazy celebrities, and so on and so forth.  But sometimes I feel like when I just write about those things my readers don’t get to know me.  For the past year and a half I have been blogging and it has become therapeutic for me.  It is my time to escape and figure out how I am going to put words together to get a point across.  I do not care if I get 9 views or 99 views on a post.  For me it’s about publishing something that could possibly help someone or maybe give them a laugh.  At the end of the day it is an accomplishment. 
But for a minute I thought about shutting my blog down because I felt like it was not going anywhere and who cares anyways?  I mean who cares about Chris Brown latest antic or my opinion on this year’s VMAs.  People can go to the YBF or Bossip for their celebrity gossip.  Why would someone come to me to find out about healthy hair tips?  I mean you can just ask your beautician.  I, maybe, get an average of 20 views per page.  And to be totally honest, I am not sure if these are regular readers or people who have just stumbled upon my page.  I have a feeling that my friends on Facebook and Twitter are probably tired of me blowing up their newsfeeds and timelines with my blogs posts.  But then I realized that I could not shut down my blog.
There are 3 main reasons why I cannot shut down my blog down:
1.       Creativity Anybody that runs a blog will tell you that you can be as creative on a blog as you want to.  I can take my blog in any direction I feel.  This was the main reason I chose to not shut it down.  For me this is my creative outlet.  I can be having a conversation with a friend and then I will be like “Hey, this would make a great post.”  When I want more information on something (i.e. tips for healthy relaxed hair) I can just be the one to feel a void. 
2.       Somebody is reading it As I brought out earlier I get an average of 20 views per post.  Now this is nothing compared to popular blog sites but somebody continues to keep coming back to my blog.  Last year I wrote a post about not being picked by a sorority and it got a lot of views.  I had a friend/reader tell me that she was glad that I wrote that post.  I also wrote a post on thick girl issues and it too got a lot of views.  I would like to believe that that post helped someone who was dealing with weight issues to overcome their perception of their weight.  Whatever the reason, someone is reading it and I should at least keep writing for them as long as I have access to a keyboard.
3.       An Accomplishment I said earlier that my blog is an accomplishment for me.  I have never stuck to anything as long as I have stuck with my blog.  I am proud of myself to say the least.  I have had a chance to even expand to doing videos and being published in the local paper.  Hopefully, I will be able to expand even further to doing interviews. 
When I think about the possibilities of my blog, I realize that I cannot shut EBONY Eyes down.  She is my baby and I want to continue see her grow.  So friends you will have to continue to see my blogs posts on your newsfeed and timelines.  I do not know where EBONY Eyes will be in a year from now but I hope that she will still be here J

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