Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear Bravo, Don't Fire Porsha

Dear Bravo,

First of all, I want to thank you for the most exciting season of Real Housewives of Atlanta in RHOA history.  You truly out did yourself.  Even though at times you were reaching with some of the story lines (Velvet the Dog's funeral and trying to bring back Textgate) but overall, it was a good season.

But let me get to the point: Part 1 of Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion.  I'm usually not a fan of how you drag out the reunion shows because the first ones have no action and just a lot of talk.  However, yall came out the gate with the action.  All real RHOA fans knew about the altercation between Porsha and Kenya before the episode premiered, but we didn't know that Kenya got DRAGGED or that we would see it on part 1.  Porsha didn't just shove her a little bit. No, Porsha got a good grip on that sew-in and brought Kenya to the ground.  That drag touched my soul.  I, for real, stood up and let out a loud "WOO" in my living room.  You would have thought I was watching a Maywheather fight.  This fight was so bad even Nene was looking worried.  It's obvious that none of the wives thought Porsha had it in her.

Now Bravo, I know you do not condone violence but I ask you to go back in your footage and watch how Kenya has been verbally abusive to Porsha for the last two years.  Kenya has called her everything but her name.  Kenya has repeatedly hit below the belt especially when she was talking about Porsha and Kordell's marriage.  Then at the Reunion, Kenya going to call Porsha a hoe through a bullhorn?!  Anybody would have snapped!

Speaking of Kenya's foolish props, let me get to heart of why I'm writing this letter.  There has been rumors that you might be firing Porsha because of the hair snatch heard around the world.  I know you have a "no dragging people" policy but let's keep it real, you as in Bravo and Andy played a huge part in this fight (For the record, Andy is the messiest wife of them all).  First, why was Porsha even on the couch with Kenya?  That was the first bad idea.  Second, why were the props allowed on set?  Someone should have had the insight to know that it was not a good idea to let Kenya have a bullhorn. The production crew should know by now that Kenya is not wrapped too tight and only chaos will pursue if a crazy has a bullhorn.  Instead, you were more concerned with good TV.  And Andy had the audacity to tell Porsha to apologize?!  Why didn't you have Kenya apologize for calling Porsha a hoe?!

I'm standing behind Porsha and hoping you do not fire her.  Kenya has been provoking her for the last two years because she knew those cameras were there and she had a shield from a real hood whooping.  If you do fire her then Kenya should also be let go.  Along with your "no dragging people" policy, how about you add a"Don't Push Folks to the Edge" policy or "Don't Let Your Mouth Write a Check Your Butt Can't Cash" policy.  If one of the wives wants to taunt somebody then they better be ready for the repercussions.

Bravo, I understand you have to run your channel a certain but please own up to the part you played in this fight.  Porsha didn't make the best decision but anybody dealing with the issues she's dealing with would have reacted the same way.  I just ask that you please be fair when dealing with these two ladies.

Long Time Viewer,

Ebony Read


Please bring back Tabaitha Takes Over.  That was my show!

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  1. Purple Passion PageantApril 21, 2014 at 7:53 AM

    The real issue is Porsha thought she could play with the big dogs this year and realized she couldn't. Porsha has did her share of name calling too. Kenya was taunting with her words but only foolish Porsha fell for it. I hope she does get fired. Porsha lacks intelligence, judgement, oh heck, just right out stupid to me! Violence should never be the answer and people can not use the excuse well I was pushed to that point. I dont believe that. Plus as far as tonight episode I was though when Porsha grabbed the sceptor! Dont play with Queen accessories! Oh and on another note: How is Andy messy when he is the only one to remind them of what they really did or said.