Monday, April 28, 2014

Momma Joyce and Bad Friends: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2

I was finally able to catch the second half of RHOA Reunion Part 2.  So let me just dive in:

Momma Joyce: As I mentioned on the last post, Bravo must have had strong cocktails backstage because Momma Joyce was on one.  She discussed how she raised a millionaire, got her own house, and called herself reading Cynthia.  Now I could have sworn the house Momma Joyce was living in was Kandi's old house.  Even Kandi got tired of her rant about how she got her own money.  After a whole season, Kandi finally got the nerve to tell her momma about herself.  She gave us all the tea about Momma Joyce opening credit cards in her name and her gambling habit.  Kandi also let us know that her mom doesn't have to explain to anyone how she gets her money.

As far as I am concerned, we, the viewers,  have never had a problem with Kandi giving her mom money.  The problem was how Momma Joyce treated Kandi and Todd.  And from the reunion, I figure that she still doesn't like Todd which is just sad.  When asked how Todd's mom feels about her, Momma Joyce mentioned that Todd's mom called her the B-word.  I wonder is that going to be in Kandi's wedding special that is going to premiere on Bravo.  I might just have to watch that.

Bad friends vs. Good Friends: The last 30 minutes of the reunion was Andy Cohen asking Nene and Cynthia about their friendship.  As you may recall, while in Mexico Nene and Peter exchanged words.  During that exchange Nene called Peter the B-word.  Though there was an episode where apologies were given, Cynthia explained that wounds were reopened after watching the episode.  Cynthia also went into how Nene doesn't give her the same respect that she gives Nene.  Nene, as always, seemed unfazed as if she hadn't didn't anything wrong.  Then towards the end of the episode Kenya calls her out, "If you can't get along with Cynthia then you can't get along with anybody." Nene shuts the conversation down by saying "Cynthia's not a d@nm angel."  Needless to say, this friendship is probably over.

My favorite blogger, Luvvie, tweeted something along the lines that Nene is someone you're cool with but she is not someone you get personal with.  I couldn't agree more.  Nene is shady and wishy washy.  I've been saying for the last to seasons that she has a new money attitude and is very prideful. You never know when she is going to flip on you.  Nene has had a falling out with just about everyone on the show and it was only a matter of time before she fell out with Cynthia.  I advise Cynthia to count this as a blessing and move on.  Before I forget, did anyone else catch Phaedra's mid-episode prayer?  "Fix it, Jesus"  Shoutout to Phaedra for being a prayer warrior.

Next week is the finale of the Reunion where the wives will be joined by their husbands.  I wonder what Apollo's response to his allegations is going to be.

What did you think of part 2?  

Shoutout to RealityTVGIFs.  Check them out!

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