Sunday, April 27, 2014

The SHADE of it all: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 of 2

Because my electricity went out during the show (tornado season in Arkansas) I only got to watch the first half of the show so this will have to be a 2 part post.  I will post the second part when I get to see the rest of the episode.

This week we got part 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion.  Once again, the ladies came out the gate with the blows.  If you follow me on Twitter you might remember me saying during early in the season that this was the shadiest season to date.  But the great thing about these ladies is that they don't only throw shade in their confessionals but have not one problem doing it to each others' face.

The first comment I want dig into was between Kenya and Nene.  I can't remember exactly what started it between them two but it ended with Nene saying to Kenya, "Don't make me call Porsha."  This caused Kenya to reply with "Don't make me call Marlo."  All I could do was let out a loud:

As much as I can't stand Kenya I have to admit that she shut Nene DOWN.  Even Nene was at a loss for words.  She was not ready for that comeback.  But as we all know, all is fair in love and roasting.  

However, the digs did not stop there.  Andy switches gears to the head doctor comment that was made about Phaedra.  Kenya for some reason feels compelled to speak about it even though this subject has nothing to do with her.  This prompted Phaedra to say to Kenya, "I may be a head doctor but you can't be a housewive because you can't get a husband."  Then Kenya calls Phaedra's  husband out about his straying ways  You would think that would have been bad enough but Phaedra whips out a quick "He doesn't want a barren woman."  At this point, you realize there is nothing that is off limits.  
The last thing I saw before Mother Nature shut my lights off was Momma Joyce.  This season Momma Joyce really showed out.  On top of her being disrespectful to Kandi's fiance, she has threaten to whoop a girl half her age on a couple of occasions.  What really had me laughing what that she has no idea of how social media sees her.  Momma Joyce mentioned that people didn't talk badly about her until the show said she tried to set Todd up to get caught in a bad situation.  It's obvious she doesn't understand Black Twitter because we were going in on Momma Joyce way before that incident.

But what killed me was how she was acting.  I guess Bravo had some strong cocktails backstage because I was getting a tipsy feel from her. It wasn't so much funny to me as it was embarrassing.  I think she was putting on this act so she could possibly grab more camera time next season.  Somebody need to tell her that Marlo tried this strategy also and we see where that got her: a couple of cameo spots.  

Unfortunately, I missed the part where Momma Joyce called her self reading Cynthia and Kandi calling her out on opening up credit cards in Kandi's name.  Please believe that I will be watching the rerun and finishing my review.

What did you think of Part 2? 

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