Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hey everybody and welcome to day 4 of #31WriteNow challenge (that was launched by awesome blogger, Luvvie,)!  Today's post was inspired by some foolishness I saw in Wal-Mart.  Every time I'm in Wal-Mart, I go by the DVD section.  At the moment, we do not have cable and so I like to look for TV series on DVD.  As I am browsing, a particular DVD catches my eye.  The title of it is House Party: Tonight's the Night with younger actors and an older Kid and Play on the cover.  This will be the fifth installment in the House Party series and I wish I could backhand whoever thought this was a good idea.

Yep, another unneeded installment for House Party
Who were the group of executives that said "You know what?  We need another  House Party."  At this point, who are they targeting this movie to?  The generation that remembers the first  House Party could care less and this new generation doesn't have a clue who Kid and Play are or what they did for house parties.  As far as I'm concerned they could have stopped after House Party 2.  The other 2 were a waste of film.  I do not know who to be mad at: Hollywood or Kid and Play for letting Hollywood keep making crappy sequels to their legendary movie. 

Unfortunately, House Party is not the only movie that has way too many unnecessary sequels.  Bring It On, tragically, has more sequels than the Harry Potter series.  And why?! It is a movie about battling cheerleading squads.  Do we really need 5 more movies with the same basic plot?  And then there is Step Up, where there are currently 4 installments (one of the installments being in 3D because what's better than seeing a movie you've seen twice before but seeing it coming at you) and according to there is a fifth installment in development.  Like, seriously?! The whole dance movie genre is getting old anyways and then Hollywood says "Forget being innovative. Let's just keep recycling this one movie from 2006." 

Consumers, I beg you to not stand for this.  I do not care if the next House Party sequel has Bernie Mac making a cameo from beyond the grave, please, for the love of good cinema do not buy it.  Together, we can bring a stop to bad, did-not-want-it-in-the-first-place sequels.

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  1. EXACTLY! What is with these people?! I actually liked House Party 3, but that's where it ends. Bring It On was good the first time around, and that was IT!

    Hollywood has this bad. They don't allow creativity, and they bank on what worked the first time, stretching the legs on the movie as far as the eyes can see. It's ridiculous!

    Fast and Furious...I'm looking at you!