Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Today I am singing "Change the name, change the name" to the tune of Destiny's Child, Say My Name. I am singing this because apparently the government can make you change your child's name.  When in a Tennessee court parents were going back and forth about their child's last name, the judge decided that she had a problem with the child's first name, Messiah. She said that that name only belonged to one human being and that is Jesus. She ruled that the mother had to change the name. The mother is appealing the decision.

I do not completely agree with the judge on her decision, but I wonder should the government at times step in when parents insist on giving their child a crazy name.  Some might say that when the government gets involved with child naming that they are imposing on our freedoms.  But it made me wonder should the government get involved when a parent really does give their child an off-the-wall name.  I remember some time ago reading about a woman whose name is Marijuana Pepsi.  That was her first and middle name.  She has to go throughout her life named Marijuana Pepsi.  Can you imagine the look on the teacher's face on the first day of school?  Can you imagine the look on the employer's face when they see her application?  If a judge had ordered her parents to change her name, would her life been any different?  Well, she is a college counselor so I guess she is doing okay. 

Every parent thinks their child is unique and trys to portray that in their name.  And I do not have a problem with that.  But, parents, do not get crazy.  Remember that this child has to be around other children.  True enough kids are cruel and will find a reason to tease, but do not make your child an easy target.  Don't name your child something absurd to make yourself feel edgy.  And it really irks my nerves when celebrities do it.  Kanye and Kim are the recent culprits of this by naming their child North West.  I'm not feeling it. one. bit.  I feel celebrities just do it for the headlines. 

I'm not sure if I have a problem with Messiah, but I do have a problem with Devious (yes, some parent named their child this).  These kids have to get jobs one day.  Don't mess up their ability to take care of themselves in the future.

What do you guys think about the judge interfering with the naming of the child?

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