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 Hey everybody!!! And welcome to the first post in the #31WriteNow challenge.  This was a challenge that blogger, Luvvie, proposed to other bloggers.  The challenge is to write for every day in August.  I have accepted the challenge and I am going to make a strong effort to write for every day this month.  Enjoy all the posts and please feel free to email me any ideas (!
Source: The Root
 Let me dive in to this post discussing the "beef" between Jay-Z and Harry Belafonte.  Nope, you did not read that wrong.  Hip-hop mogul and civil rights activist are going at it.  In an interview, Mr. Belafonte was asked was he happy with the image of minorities in Hollywood today.  He replied "Not at all." (Mr. Belafonte even went as far to say that Bruce Springsteen was blacker than Jay-Z.)  To get his full answer as to why he is unhappy with minority celebrities and Jay-Z's reply click here.  He talks about how they have "turned their back on social responsibility" and goes on to name Jay-Z and Beyoncé as perpetrators. 

Well, you know Jigga was not going for that.  In his reply, he basically says that his "presence is charity" and goes on to kind of compare himself to President Obama.  Honestly, I am not surprised by this arrogant answer.  In one of his stage names, he boldly compares himself to God (Hova=Jehovah).  It goes without saying that Jay-Z is one of the most successful rappers in hip-hop.  But let's not get too carried away, Jay, you ain't no Savior.  I do not care how many arenas you sell out. 

I kind of understand what Mr. Belafonte means by social responsibility.  When in your music you refer to women by the b-word and use the N-word in every other lyric it is not going to be taken positively from someone Mr. Belafonte's age.  In his eyes, Jay-Z is not using his influence to set a better example for the current generation.  But do we need Jay-Z to be the poster child for social responsibility?  We have Gabby Douglas, Dwyane Wade, President Obama, Kerry Washington, and others. 

Also, does Jay-Z have to put solving social injustices on his agenda?  One mistake that I think those from the civil rights era has made is by painting a picture that all black people of the past were freedom riders.  That was just not the case.  My mom lived in that era and did not take part in one protest or demonstration.  Does this make her an irresponsible person? Not at all.  My mom played her part in that era by not carrying a bitterness from that time and evolving into someone that, regardless of the times she lived in, she could still treat all with compassion and respect.  That to me is just as powerful as any march that has been organized. 

Basically, this beef is not even worth it.  It seems there is just a misunderstanding between the two. And I see them probably forming a charity together (or presenting an award at the 2014 BET Awards at the very least) to show they have squashed any differences between the two.  For me, it gives something to cackle about with friends.

What do you think of their misunderstanding? 

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