Monday, August 5, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Whoever created the picture phone had no idea what influence this small piece of equipment would have on coming generations.  Then along came MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and pictures became something more than just photos on the walls of homes.  In the last couple of years, certain pictures have become staples on the internet.  I have decided to use this post to explore some of those particular photos:

  • The Selfie This is a classic.  You simply turn the camera around and take a snap of yourself.  These are nice right after you do your make-up or got a new haircut. Or in some cases, stand in your bathroom in front of the mirror and take a hundred photos until you find one that you like. The problems with selfies is that if you have too many of them you could come off a little conceited.  So you need to be careful with these.
A selfie in its common place: the bathroom

  • The Album Cover You see this when someone is trying to look like they are in deep thought in a profile pic.  You achieve this pic by looking off while the camera is in front of you.  Some even go further and put a black and white filter on it to make it seem artistic.  The main people you see with these kinds of pics are those who write these long, "deep" statuses everyday.  Too many of these pics and you seem like a pretentious douche.
I'm calling my album Who's Ready for Bed? I Am

  • The Goofy When people want to show their personality they will take a goofy pic.  I do not have too much of a problem with these pics.  I actually like it when people stop trying so hard in their pics and just le their guard down.
I'm goofy with  a side of tiredness in this pic because I had just climbed a mountain

  • The Infamous Duck Lips Everyone has seen this pic or taken one their self.  I do not know exactly when this trend started but at some point women thought poking their lips out was sexy.  Then you saw on every other pic on your Newsfeed.  You know it was getting out of hand when men finally admitted that it very unattractive.  Women have calm down a little bit on this face but like a dear on a side of country road, you see it every once in a while. 

Yes, I'm guilty of duck lips too

What is your favorite pic?

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