Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hey everybody!!! One day while browsing Huffington Post, I came across this funny story.  Some guy had his Amazon purchase stolen from his porch.  To find the culprit, he posted this wanted sign around his neighborhood(Sorry you cannot read the sign clearly.  To get a better view go here):

The first thing that made me cackle at this picture was his description of the criminal.  He says that "this is a woman or the bounty hunter has let himself go."  I died and was resurrected after that line alone.  This man started off his wanted sign with no mercy.  I also loved how he referenced Antione Dodson in his description: Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your internet purchases because they robbing everybody out here.  But the laughs do not stop there.  When giving the details of the perp he says that her eyes are lacking a soul, her nationality is Un-American, sex is female-ish, and hair is cheesy blonde dye job.  Homeboy has the best sense of humor.
Unfortunately,  we live in a sad world.  Instead of working, some people rather snatch your internet purchases off your porch. This man showed us that to endure injustices sometimes you have to have a sense of humor.  I do not know if the woman was caught or not, but I hope that she saw this sign and was shame.  If not for stealing, at least be shame for that dye job. 
What do you think of this man's wanted sign? 

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