Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hey everybody!!! Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.  In Arkansas, it is tax free weekend.  For parents, this comes right on time since fall semester is right around the corner.  But for a single girl like me with no kids, it's an excuse to get a new blouse. 

I actually was going to try to avoid going to the stores today.  I knew it was going to be packed and I did not feel like fighting the crowds (the main reason I do not fool with Black Friday).  But because of boredom I ended up at the department stores.  My first stop was Tarzhay (Target).  Usually, I want to buy everything in Tarzhay, today nothing caught my eye.  I have been wanting to do some new styles with my nails so I brought some nail polish.  I think I will call the nail look I am going to try "Summer Chic" (Pics coming soon.  Follow me on Instagram to see them: @ebonymariere)

My next stop was Marshall's.  Considering my closet is a mess and can barely fit the clothes I already have I really did not need anything else.  However, the rebellious me went into the Devil's Den (Marshall's) anyways.  I have been wanting to do better about saving money so I did not go overboard.  I just got a couple of tops.  I also went to Old Navy where I got some accessories. 

I also decided to stop by the Nike store.  Every now and then like to get some new workout apparel.  But when I walked in the store it was total chaos.  There were people every where and lines going to the back of the store.  I couldn't deal so I just walked right back out the store. 

Some of the stuff I bought during tax-free weekend
Whenever I go on an unexpected shopping spree I just say to myself, "I have been working hard and I need a little retail therapy."  Feel free to use that line when you buy something that you don't necessarily need. 

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